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Black Friday all over again

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read


In fact the historic Wall Street crash occurred between Thursday 24 and Tuesday 29 October 1929. It is widely seen as the event leading to the “Great Depression”, the event that destroyed the livelihoods of millions of people world wide and ultimately lead to the rise of fascism in Europe and America (sic! I mean it) where it was simultaneously established in 1933.


So, are they at it again?

We should never forget that these crises are happening entirely in the imaginary realm of finance. In fact, physically not much changes after such an event. All the capacity to produce goods in abundance and meet all humanity’s needs is still there.That was the same in 1929 as it is now.In 1929 the banks started a concerted and synchronized effort to shorten credit, thereby pushing a multitude of smaller enterprises and especially a lot of farmers in the US into bankruptcy. In 1929 the US dollar was still nominally linked to the gold price although the bankers had already managed to create gigantic amounts of totally unbacked dollars. In 1933, the date fascism was introduced in Germany and the US, it became illegal to privately own Gold in the US and the convertibility of paper dollars into Gold was revoked.

This was of course theft on a grand scale.

After all, grandpa had most probably converted valuable gold into those now worthless paper dollars, based on the promise that they would always bee “redeemable in specie” i.e. gold or silver. So, the whole system has been fraudulent for much of last century and this century of course as well.


What’s the fuss about then?

The only question that bothers me is whether the demise of the fake money system has to be a violent cataclysm or if it can be a “soft landing”.We orgone dudes are eternal optimists of course and we feel that orgone is the answer to almost every malaise, be it on the environmental, mental or societal level. Orgone inspires self healing on all these levels. The ruling elite (a euphemism as the word “Elite” suggests some moral quality or real leadership ability) loves to retain control of us humans (their “cattle”) by fear. Global warming, the end of oil, the end of money, the end of water and finally the end of it all are metaphors close to the scaremongers’ heart. They are of course all manufactured. The natural state of this beautiful planet, teeming with life, and its ingenious inhabitants is abundance. Boundless prosperity. There is no doubt that we can grow all the food, humans may ever need worldwide, on acreage less than half the US state of Texas.Oil is a self replenishing resource, not fossil at all, but generated in the centre of the earth that is constantly growing as it absorbs cosmic orgone. (Also known as Neutrinos) And what’s more exciting, we don’t need it for transport and power generation anyways, as the combusting engine has been obsolete at least since Nicola Tesla leisurely cruised the streets of New York in his cosmic energy driven Packard in 1928. As I said before, money is imaginary. It’s basically a concept that has allowed a small inside group of licensed bankers to create an imaginary unit of exchange based on collateralizing OUR PRODUCTIVITY AND NATURAL WEALTH and charge us interest on it. We can do without this mechanism and will have to do without it if we are to unleash the potential of peaceful prosperity that is latently already here.The demise of the banking system as we know it is a necessity, but it should happen without the panic and destruction that our herders are already drooling over.


We must just let it go.

It’s just one of those things we will not need in the future…Don’t forget to bust* those banks, be it your local branch or the headquarters of the great multinational banks. Don’t forget central banks and their branch offices. 


We live in wondrous times!  


*we are not advocating old fashioned bank robbery but rather the planting of orgone gifts in the vicinity of these institutions of legalized robbery. The dramatization of bank robberies in movies and fiction only serves to enforce the hypnotic hold that those magically imbued but otherwise totally worthless pieces of paper have over us.  

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