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PayPal tuck in their tail…

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read

Sep 16, 2008

PayPal is pulling back and pretends to be my best friend again. After 12 Days of illegal arrest of our rightfully earned funds, I'm told in the most wonderful corporate speak:

"...we would also like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this process"

(Both were not granted voluntarily, I should like to point out)

So, today the account was fully restored even though I did not fulfill their latest unwarranted requests.

Whether it was the rather well crafted formal "letter of complaint", which I sent to the Luxemburg headquarters of PayPal Europe or the repeated etheric blasting (thanks, Etheric Warriors of and of the darkside instigators of this illegal molestation, I do not know.

Probably both. I was ready to escalate my complaint to the Luxemburg banking supervising authority tomorrow and maybe I should still lay that complaint, just to show them they are being watched and their behaviour is unacceptable.

Someone has to tell them, so why not me. As much as I enjoy the delayed benefit of those moneys that they witheld from us, I feel almost a bit let down that they deprived me of this fight that I was jsut getting ready for.

("Asterix, leave a few Romans for me!")

Well, I'll continue my little experiemnt on Ebay, cautiously of course, now warned that I'm hunting in enemy territory.

Should I offer PayPal as a payment option on my website again?

I'll have to ponder that for a while I guess.

In any case, I've put in a few Minishields for 99 US-cents.

I don't have feel like putting anything more valuable up there, but maybe the time will come again as well.

Look here:



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