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Corona Protection

By Georg Ritschl  •   5 minute read

Corona Protection
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How to protect yourself from Corona Virus

First rule: Breathe, do not panic! 

Much more dangerous than the possible virus infection (see discussion of the theory of infectious diseases below)  are the agendas saddled on top of this largely manufactured event:

  • Total lockdown of many major countries
  • Travel bans, massive cancellation of international flights
  • Restrictions to free movement inside the country
  • Schools and universities closed
  • All major events and gatherings cancelled
  • The threat of mandatory vaccination possibly combined with involuntary chipping
  • An accellerated push for the abolition of cash 

These are momentuous events of an unprecedented historical scale.

Something Big is going down 

Depending on what alternative narrative you prefer, it could be the much overdue controlled collapse of the Federal Reserve System and it's equivalents in other countries. That would be a good thing. It could also be the Cabal's last push to finally achieve their totalitarian New World Order. 

It s certainly a total overkill for this relatively minor "epidemic" but as a psy op very successful. A lot of the people I know and interact with are completely hypnotised by the show. 

We do  not even know if viruses (or virii as it should be called by it's correct Latin plural) really cause the diseases attributed to them or if they are not rather the product produced by the body's cells when under an overload of toxins or other toxic influences. 

This is a thought gaining increasing traction in the much supressed but nevertheless very relevant alternative health discussion. 

The video below is very thought stimulating in this regard:

Dr. Cowan MD on Coronavirus and 5g

Theory of contagion in doubt

Quoting Rudold Steiner from 1918 after the great "Spanish Flu" pandemic: "Viruses are merely the excretions of a toxic cell". 

or to follow Dr. Cowan further: "All disease is from poisoning"

The mainstream theory of contagion which is so generally believed has been disproven in spectacular fashion alrady as early as 1918 when the Boston Department of health did some very drastic experiments during the height of the "Spanish Flu" epidemic:

Flu sufferers' snot was collected and - believe it or not - injected into healthy people and not a single one contracted the flu.

The heads of horses who had flu were covered in bags to collect their snot and mucus exretions and these bags were then pulled over the heads of healthy horses and not a single of the healthy horses came down with flu.  

Strange coincidences between epidemics and electromagnetic step-ups   

All major epidemics of he last 100+ years coincided with a major step-up of the electromagnetic soup that surrounds us.

1918: massive rollout of electrification around the world, first introduction of radiowaves world wide ==> Spanish Flu

WWII: Invention of radar - microwaves buzzing the atmosphere the first time in human history ==> major epidemics, aided by starvation

1968: satellites start rounding the earth ==> outbreak of the "Hong Kong flu"   

2019-2020: In the last 6 month a major quantum leap in the roll out of electromagnetic frequencies has happened. 20,000 new radiation emitting satellites blanketing the earth, Wuhan, the first city totally blanketed with 5g coverage is also the epicentre of the pandemic attributed to COVID-19 ==> "Coronavirus pandemic" or "Wuhan Flu" 

"We must be quite clear about this: in the days when there were no electric currents, when there were no electric wires buzzing in the air, it was easier to be human." ...

"It was not necessary then for people to make such efforts in order to approach the spirit. That is why it is necessary today to muster far stronger spiritual forces merely to remain human than it was a hundred years ago." 

Rudolf Steiner 1917

5g destructures Water - Orgonite restructures it

We are made of 90% water. Dr. Cowan speaks of electromagnetic radiation "destructuring water". What does that mean?

Most of us are by now familiar wit the research of Maseru Emoto. He showed how water responds to emotional energies. 

Maseru Emoto demonstrated the connection between emotion, consciousness and the structuring of water


What is the connection between orgonite or orgone energy and structured water?  

Orgone is the creative force which increases order, in other words structure. DOR is the opposite, it's the death force which destroys order and structure.

Entropy - Disentropy, Death - Life, are all expressions of this duality. 

Our by now famous plantgrowth experiment shows how radiation negatively affects the quality of the water and thereby it's effect on plant growth and how orgonite not only mitigates these effects, but turns them completely into their positive opposite.

Water irradiated with 2 cellphones with and without orgonite

In this experiment we irradiated a litre of water with 2 cellphones calling each other for 30 minutes another sample with 2 cellphones, equipped with orgonite minishields and a third one of unchanged tap water. These water samples were the used to water and sprout 3 identical samples of chickpeas under identical conditions.   

Most astonishingly, the sample where the water was irradiated with orgonite protection came out better than the "neutral" sample and a lot better than the one irradiated without orgonite protection. More biomass, longer shoots and a generally fresher and healthier appearance. The sample irradiated without protection came out underdeveloped and was already slimy and beginning to rot. The similarity with disease processes in the human body is obvious. 

In other words, if toxins and radiation degrade the state of the structured, living water in our body, the orgonite regenerate the crystalline structue of higher order. 

This explains the efficiency of orgonite against the effects of electromagnetic radiation. If the theory of pandemics caused by quantum leaps in electromagnetic radiation is true, orgonite is an important counter measure. 

In other words, instead of switching off the radiation (which is not realistic) we strengthen the life force in the body to overcome the negative results. 

Zapping on a regular basis helps further to eliminate toxins and diseased organic matter, (bacteria, viruses, parasites) thereby further strengthening us in the face of increased toxic loads.

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