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Corona 5g and Orgonite

By Georg Ritschl  •   9 minute read

Corona 5g and Orgonite

A lot of people have been talking about a connection between the 5g rollout and the occurrence of Corona Hotspots.
In many cases this has led to "luddite actions" of concerned citizens setting newly installed 5g antennas alight in many countries. (We are not advocating violence like that because we think we have a better option)  
At the same time we see that corporate censorship against any content connecting 5g and Corona is at an absolute all time peak. Even our paid Google Ads for the 5g Equalizer have been disallowed suddenly.
Since censorship is a sure sign of system insecurity we can see this almost as an admission of guilt and defeat. 

I personally think that it would be naive to say "5g causes the virus into existence". I don't think it's that easy. Personally, I believe that the bombardement with electromagnetic Radiation and the resulting massive DOR field mushes the cristalline structured water in our cells into an amorphous soup and thereby reduces our vitality and resistance against degenerative processes. Wether the virus is coming from outside (germ theory, presently prevailing paradigm in academic medical science) or emerges as debris from cellular degeneration (Dr. Lasker, Dr. Cowan and others) might then not be all that important after all.   

There are many intelligent debates about the validity of the "Germ Theory", in other words the widespread assumption that all disease is caused by an identifiable pathogen, like a virus or bacterium and that you only have to eradicate that pathogenic organism and all disease will stop. 
The holistic understanding of health sees human health in a complex balance of many factors of which viruses and bacteria are only one small part, seen by many as a result rather than the cause of degenerative processes that lead to dis-ease.
Yesterday we received an email from our friend Dirk in the Netherlands who is a keen observer of the energetic dynamics of orgonite gifting as well as a trained and practising medical doctor.

Dirk is analysing the correlation between his gifting activities and incidence of Corona-attributed deaths:   

Like you, I've been watching things unfold with astonishment in the last few weeks, and of course, with the conviction people are being taken for fools, again. The advancement of the restrictions was planned, and thus, ill intent obvious. Still it struck me off guard a bit, and I've even fallen for the 5G-story thing for a while, as well. I've meticulously been observing the corona outbreak hotspots in my thoroughly gifted area and have come to important conclusions. Postponing immediate conclusions and field work/observations was of key importance. Moreover, thanks to a lucky stroke of faith, I now understand how their evil infrastructure is used. They only need a limited amount of antennas. 
My conclusions are:
  •  The borders of my gifted region are marked with higher corona counts and deaths. So the better quality of the subtle energy thanks to the gifting offers protection. 
  • I have noticed, like you, known 5G areas like Wuhan, northern Italy, Madrid, NY to name but a few, have a high casualy rate. In my own country, the area of Brabant was struck harder and known to have rolled out 5G recently as well. This might be done on purpose. We should not occupy ourselves with the difference between 4G, 5G or whatever, but rely on our own observations. Giving the enemy a face is a well known tactic. People might be relieved when under protest 5G will not be rolled out after all, but only the public at large would be naive enough to believe the already in-place infrastructure would not be used for ill puropses. Corona (or other future virus outbreaks!) will not stop, even if officially 5G is cancelled. 
  • The enclosed pictures show what the culprit antennas look like. I took these pictures in the last few days. There are added smaller boxes to the 'regular' 4G panels. I've first spotted these boxes a few years ago, but as I managed to relate them to the antenna map, too (see below), I'm pretty convinced what I'm saying is correct. 

The small compact boxes are the new 5g antennas
  • Still, I had to admit there were casualties even in my gifted area. When I dowsed the map in a village nearby (Bathmen, see one of the pictures) that had several deaths in a nursing home, and went to see there myself how the atmosphere was, I was confirmed at least in my suspicion the antennas had been upgraded, given the DOR atmosphere and uplifting after regifting the nearby antenna. I even considered they added another antenna (there were 2 on the nearest spot), I couldn't remember properly if it had been there before, and was too eager to jump to conclusions. But I now knew some antennas had to be regifted, and continued observing the antenna map, interpreting the death reports in the local newspaper. Initially, I made the mistake to think the nearest antenna was the responsible, upgraded one. 
  • Corona is not caused by the immediate field surrounding a bad/unsufficiently gifted antenna. This is how I found out: The antenna map app I  was using is an old one, that has disappeared from the appstore for years, but I have been sticking to it, because I like it, and so transferred it from my old phone. It has been rendered useless last night, as I was salvaging the info that follows!!! Last week I noticed some new blue tags on the map I never had seen before. It took me a few days to realize those were the upgraded culprit antennas, and also what that meant for the technology behind it. They only need two antennas in a given area to be able to make people ill in between them. Typically, those antennas are located 8 km/5 mi apart, even though in some areas there are many more. In one of the pictures, you can see how they surrounded the city of Deventer with 4 antennas, each more or less 8km/5mi apart. In another enclosed picture you can see how they added a lot of upgrades. This is visible in the city of Enschede, which perhaps not coincidentally has been bombed completely in WW2 and which suffered several casualties in a suspicious firework accident several years ago (the research into the cause was obstructed, reportedly). This city, and other places where I can now see blue tags but there is no corona yet,  is no doubt planned for the second outbreak (see below). In the aforementionned picture of Bathmen (two blue tags on both sides of the village) you can see how I discovered the following:
  • They can target an exact area through the principle of superposing waves. (see also one of the pictures) This principle is easily understood: think about two separate boats and you in between. When the waves of the two vessels coincide, you will experience them as superposed, which means your boat will go up and down twice as much. The popular noise cancelling headphones work with the same principle, but reversed: the waves from the two boats would cancel each other out and you would barely feel anything,, despite the waves coming at you from two sides at once. I tried to draw it at the bottom of one of the added pictures. So that is why they at least need two antennas: they need the added effect from two or more antennas to add up, and can target any area in between antennas. Paradoxically, this might mean that you would be relatively safe close to a 'culprit' antenna if there aren't too many. You are in danger if you are in between two non-gifted culprit antennas. So Bathem and other corona areas I observed are located in between two antennas and can be targetted.  In Deventer, with 4 antennas surrounding (see pictures) the city, (or in cities with even more antennas) they would be able to use more complicated wave superpositioning , resulting in whole areas of bad sickening energy, mimicking a virus outbreak indeed!

Position of cellphone towers around city centre of Deventer: The centre is the hot zone
  • Even though I know what we're up against and understand what satanism is, coolblooded mass murder is still beyond my comprehension. To think some people have been calculating where to put these upgraded weapons of mass destruction is mind-bending. When I understood what I was looking at on my antenna locator app, being able to deduct from the location of the blue tags on the map which communities will be struck/fried next, I realized again how hard it is to face the darkest evils of the world. I was obviously not supposed to be able to make use of that app (anymore), and it has been rendered useless yesterday evening. 
I hope this was clear! This is what all this means for us gifters:
  • Having casualties in your gifted area is possible. Unless you massively overgifted every antenna in the past, you will need to spot and regift the antennas that have those added ittle boxes. A medium sized antenna, let's say 6-7 regular panels with extra little boxes, needs quite a lot in my recent experience. 5 TB's, or perhaps better one HHG.  
  • Check the areas surrounding a recent 'corona' outbreak. Don't look for the closest antenna around, but search in a 8km/5mi perimeter. Also, remember these are my observations, perhaps in your area the antennas are further apart from each other. If you find one culprit antenna (smaller boxes added to usual 4G panels), use a compass (gotta love this one!) to check the antennas 8km/5m away for small boxes.
  • As there are a lot of NWO-types speaking of a second wave ("even more deadly") of corona this fall, we do have a small window of time as they ease the lockdown to neutralilize as many of these culprit antennas as possible before they turn up the heat again and they call for another lockdown. They need this second outbreak of corona for obvious reasons: the draconian measures that they are already proposing and preparing now, need to be backed up by the idea that if we go back to 'before' the lockdown, we are causing a new outbreak. Tracking apps on your phone, remote measuring of temperature through skin patches and limited travelling for people that have been in contact with 'contagious' people are impossible to push through now, but will be proposed as the alternative for an everlasting lockdown at the next "even deadlier" outbreak. Imagine how fun this is going to be if nothing happens. Even if we only mangage to get certain regions (almost) completely free of corona, which I think is doable with this knowledge, we might spark interest in what we are doing. 
  •  5TB's or one HHG to neutralize these upgraded antennas is a lot! Which makes me wonder wether we are on the brink of an orgonite ' breakthrough where large amounts of people suddenly will start gifting, regifting and overgifting, without knowing somebody else already did. Even if people just gift one TB per antenna  themselves, they will greatly diminish the number of casualties already, and if enough people in the area do the same, 5 TB's might be reached easily. Spreading the knowledge about the added smaller transmitter boxes is obviously important.
  • Now more than ever, keeping a block of orgonite on you is important! Handing them to people might be a way to spread consciousness.
  • Internet is getting a darker place fast, mouth to mouth might be the future.

I might have forgotten one or two things, but the most important stuff is there. Sending this out now, and publishing it on Facebook EW soon. 

Cheers and stay safe, 

It is extremely important that the cellphone towers get gifted "close to source". That means you don't just surround yourself with as much orgonite as possible, because that has it's limits.
As producers of orgonite we are obviously surrounded by lots of it at all times. Nevertheless we noticed a build up of pressure over the last few months while our neighbourhood was 'upgraded" to full 5g coverage. So, eventually we had to overcome our inertia (an elegant word for lazyness) and re-gift our neighbourhood.
Approximately 30 5g equalizer did the trick and we discovered a lot of small new antenna sites on rooftops as well as some of the new small cylindrical masts on our little tour.
The TBs (or 5g Equalizers) should be as close as possible to the antenna, but it still works quite well if the distance is about 100m in an urban context. In open landscape we found even 500m still quite effective.
As dirk was observing, a newly upgraded tower (with 5g panels) should be gifted with approximately 5 Dirty Harry. I think 1-3  5g Equalizer will have the same positive effect.     

Stay healthy and safe


PS: How does orgonite actually act against the electromagnetic hazard from cellphone towers? My best explanation is this: We consist of 90% water. Living water is structured. (See Dr. Maseru Emoto) Hard electromagnetic radiation breaks down structure. A positive orgone field rebuilds structure. (Simplified and needs expansion)  
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