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High Court Busted

By Georg Ritschl  •   3 minute read

High Court Busted

South Africa has and is still experiencing one of the harshest lockdowns over the fake COVID1984 plandemic.
Bizarre and intrusive regulations including a total ban on the sale of alcohol and cigarettes make one wonder if we've been singled out for an experiment in social engineering, far beyond the "normal" COVID1984 outrage the rest of the world had to suffer.  

Enter LFN:

Like a shining ray of bright light, Reyno De Beer of Liberty Fighters Networkhas won a great victory in Court, when Judge Davis declared most lockdown measures as unreasonable and unconstitutional on June 2. The government was given 2 weeks to remedy their regulations to bring them into compliance with the constitutional rights of South Africans.

The Minister in charge of handling the COVID response, Mrs Dlamini-Zuma did nothing of that sort but asked the court for leave to appeal, strictly spoken a procedural mistake which should already have led to the court judgement coming into full effect. 
So the application for leave to appeal was heard end of June and the court basically only granted her request with regard to where the judgement is declaring EVERYTHING about the lockdown as unconstitutional in a wholesale manner.
With regards to all specifically mentioned lockdown regulations the judgement was confirmed and leave to appeal denied.
So effectively lockdown is over, from a legal point of view, and yet they continue as if nothing had ever happened. And not one beep in the media. 

Contempt of Court

They even went a few notches up  the terror scale: Not wearing a mask in public has now been declared a criminal offence, not just a misdemeanor. The alcohol ban has been fully reinstated. And no end in sight. We are in the middle of winter which normally means a lot of people get flu, cold and all kinds of things now labeled COVID and hysterically overtreated with often lethal consequences. So it comes that we now have some 6000+ so called COVID deaths. (0.007% of the population) 
There is no qualification of these deaths, no autopsies, just daily fear porn of new "infection numbers" (the more tests are conducted, the more "infections", easy!) and deaths...

You know the drill by now.  

An unspectacular building in Pretoria's historic centre - The North Gauteng High Court 

So Liberty Fighters Network has now lodged an application to declare the government in contempt of court and arrest Dlamini Zuma to force her to justify her actions or rather omissions in front of the court. 

This is spectacular, especially if and when it succeeds!

You can read more about it here.

Reyno De Beer's spectacular urgent application to declare the SA GOVERNMENT IN CONTEMPT OF COURT and arrest Madame Zuma is tentatively set for Tuesday 28 July! 

Apart from boosting the court proceedings with our intention, we decided to massively uplift the energy around the court by doing a gifting run.
For that purpose, I made myself some 30 TBs with embedded Neo Magnets as I was expecting to find practically no greenery to hide my gifts.
I will make these available on the web site soon, as they proved very efficient for urban busting.
It allows to place the TBs onto light masts, traffic sign poles or any steel structures, like in this case the strong steel fence around the court building. It worked beautifully.

That was one of my more visible ones. I'm not expecting them all to stay there forever but surely most of my 30 TBs will be there for the next few weeks. And that's what we need.
(The advertising for penis enlargement and debt clearing is typical South Africa) 

I'm posting this in so much detail, because I want to demonstrate how you can "take the etheric fight" to the oppressors.
Orgonite works like a truth catalyst in the realm of consciousness.
Bust government buildings, health institutions or anything you think is connected to perpetrating this coup on humankind.
A friend of ours has just busted the WHO headquarters in Geneva for example.
Take it to your mayor, governor or whoever pushes this agenda in your area. Use orgonite as an "area denial weapon" for manifest evil on this planet.

Become an Etheric Warrior!

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