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Dinosaur Egss

By Georg Ritschl  •   3 minute read

Dinosaur Egss

With Don Croft's passing it sometimes seems as if the old orgone warrior core group is fading away - or is it being deliberately destroyed?

Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur...


That's my original frame of reference and it's rapidly disappearing. For us orginal orgone warriors orgonite is more than a feel good fad. It's a transformative material.
The original Etheric Warriors were all driven by the idea of using orgonite for disabling the deadly New World Order technologies and secret weapons, unleashed on humankind.
"Pretty" orgonite came much later. Initially the "weapon of choice" was a crude towerbuster, similar to our Dirty Harry and a simple HHG often poured into a party hat or paper funnel and certainly not meant to look decorative.
Most of the time the original orgone warriors wouldn't even remove the paper mould.
This kind of "dirty orgonite" absolutely did the job of neutralising HAARP stations, cellphone towers, secret military and alien underground bases, weather radars and other weaponised or civilian DOR emitters.
See picture above: Yes it works: crude but effective towerbusters made by Kenyan orgone gifting team. Proper orgonite gets it's strength from the metal resin mix or what we call the orgonite matrix.
So while of course we also make "pretty orgonite", you will always find us on the conservative side. Throwing a lot of colourful tumbling stones into clear resin may lead to stunning compositions and esthetics, but it's not orgonite.
The 5 pointed quartz crystals in our classical HHGs and Pyramids are fully embedded in the orgonite matrix. There is of course always the temptation to "show them off" but it would make the resulting device weak and ineffective.
Basic orgonite as first made by Karl Welz, doesn't even need the quartz crystals. The crystals are not really making it stronger, they are basically making the energy more harmonic and coherent.
The addition of other crystals is a way of broadcasting the known and tested healing properties of these stones as a modulation on top of the raw orgone energy. I like to compare it to a colouring, a flavour or the way music is modulated onto a radio frequency. Some stones like pyrite, galenite, shungite and black tourmaline are of course making it stronger even in a raw sense.

But generally one could say that "pretty orgonite" is highly beneficial, even beautiful, but totally optional.

Introducing a crude and simple Towerbuster like the Dirty Harry into an energetically polluted environment has a life changing effect on people, plants and animals living in this field.
These basic tools are totally sufficient to achieve a complete turnaround in the energy field on this planet:
  1. Towerbuster (Slick Jim or Dirty Harry or any of the "spiced ones") for neutralising cellphone towers, 5g transmitters, water gifting, general environmental deployment.
  2. HHG as a powerful anchor point for your area gifting, to gift far away physically unreachable tower arrays on mountains from a distance and as a powerful orgone generator in house and garden. All pyramids are a special case of HHG
  3. Earth pipes for negative (energy polluted) water veins, geophathic stress zones and underground bases. They are also used to neutralise the ground component of DOR emitted by powerful microwave transmitters.
  4. The cloudbuster as the ultimate sky cleaning tool. The cloudbuster draws in the stagnant energy from a very large area nd pumps back vibrant positive energy, thereby often visibly gobbling up chemtrails and converting a lifeless 2-dimensional sky into a happy fluffy cumulus sky. The cloudbuster likes to be supported by massive area gifting with the above mentioned simple, cheap and basic tools in order to live up to it's full effect.
  5. Personal protection and healing: Here we need to mention pendants, cellphone shields and other derivatives of orgonite, all based on the same principles, often enhanced with coils, magnets and special experientially proven combinations of healing stones.
I did not mention the pulsed orgonite and the zappers here even though we specialise in some of them. This should be left for another post.
Georg Ritschl


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