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Fake Quake in Haiti (contd.)

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read

Reading the newspaper is an old habit that dies hard. Although devoid of any real information or honest journalism, newspapers do occasionally and always inadvertently provide hints as to what is really going on. I read them like we were told Soviet dissidents used to read "Pravda" in the stern times of Breshnev or Chrustchev:

Read between The Lines!

Then, in the 70s and 80s, I would still tend to believe that the Western Press was essentially free. Well, it never was. Didn't I tell you the Quake in Haiti was manmade? Whether or not you believe it was an American nuke or not, the motives are there. The technology is also there. Draw your own conclusions!

I call this the school of discernment.

We do not have the tools and resources to replace the humanguous falsification apparatus called the world press and media (Don calls it the "What To Think Network" or WTN) with truthful investigation of all incidents happening worldwide. In that sense "they" will have the upper hand for the foreseeable future. But we have the right and the obligation to form our own opinion, based on whatever information is available. That's called "connecting the dots".

Because the press is made up of countless individuals who are not even aware of how the streams of information are preselected and filtered before they reach their "reporting desk" , cracks appear again and again.

I told you a bit earlier what was the Agenda in HAITI, at least the obvious imperial and economic one.

HAITI sits on huge oils reserves! That has been known to the Rockefellas and their ilch since at least the 1940s.

Plans to build a deep sea port in Port Au Prince have been ventilated since then. But as these global schemers go, they had decided to keep the Haitian reserves off stream for the time being. After all, they try to globally keep the prices of that commodity up. That's part of their power play.

What fun then, to discover a little article from Bloomberg in our local rag, THE STAR, saying that the earth quake may have inadvertently unveiled previously unknown oil reserves.

Surprise-surprise- there's oil under Haiti

What is the next "milestone" to watch for in our school of discernment? The announcement of a consortium to develop a deap sea port in Port Au Prince of course.

Maybe they are even smug enough to have companies like Halliburton and Bechtel group involved. Of course, fear of discovery by even the dumbest newspaper reader might prevent them from going that far, but you never know. They had no shame involving these companies in the "rebuilding of Iraq" so, let's just watch the scenery and see what comes up. Something will definitely come up.

In the meantime can someone please start gifting that ravaged island?

Next thing to watch would be what transpires in Chile. Do your own discernment exercises!

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