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The Year of the Tiger

By Shopify API  •   3 minute read


The new website has now been up for a week and we are very happy with how it looks and also how it works.


Teething pains


A few small glitches have happened. For example the promised 20% discount was not on the whole period from 25.01 to 31.01. For that reason I have extended it to 7 February. If you ordered between 25.01 and 31.01 and the discount was not deducted, I will give you a credit to the amount of the missed discount for use in future orders.


How do bulk discounts work?

The bulk discounts of 10% for 5 , 20% for 10 and 30% for 30 are per prouct, not per item in your shopping basket. (Some people have apparently misunderstood that)


So for example 30% would apply for 30 Orgone Zappers but not for 10 Orgone Zappers, 10 Pyramid XL and 10 TBs for example. In the latter case you would get the 20% for 10 items of the same product.


For mixed shopping baskets of different products there is another automatic discount that kicks in at 5000 Rand. (approx 660 USD or 480 EUR)


Just to make sure everybody understands how it's calculated:


  • The bulk discounts per product are calculated first.
  • The the special discount of 20% is deducted from the original price. (only until 7 Feb) Whatever is lower applies. So the global discount does not apply to the already discounted bulk prices, but if the bulk discounts are bigger than the global discount, they take precedence.
  • If the combined products in the shopping basket have a value (before discounts) of more than 5000 R, another 10% is deducted at the point of checkout. You will not see this discount before.

So much about discounts.


Otherwise I just owe my German speaking friends and customers an apology. Most of the German content has not been uploaded to the new website.


Since Wednesday we have lost access to fast landline based broadband, because - believe it or not - our local phone exchange was completely wiped out by an explosion. (They say it was a gas leak)


So I've got extremely slow internet access via my cellphone used as a modem only. Just in this crucial period of fine tuning the website where I need fast internet more than ever...


Of course sine a whole cluster of suburbs is affected, everyone is now on their cellphone and so that's no joy either.


It seems adversity and obstacles are stil mounting higher when we thought we can take no more.


A friend just told me about the Chinese calendar according to which the outgoing chinese year (ending 14 Feb I think) was "The year of the Ox", a year of great hardship and adversity (does 53 days in prison count for that? I guess it does) but also the year to plough the field (the ox steady in pulling the plough) in order to reap in coming years.


The Chinese thake their astrology very serious and have started saving money already 3 years ahead of the "ox" in order to be ready. Then they started buying all the businesses in distress worldwide...


I guess in a way we've been doing some plowing ourselves and the new website is of course only one aspect of that. We have definitely taken this year of adverstiy as a challenge to improve on all levels.


orgonite in the year of the tiger

A tiger knows no reverse


So, let's look forward to


the year of the tiger


As the name suggests, the "tiger" will be characterised by swift strides towards a better future. A tiger has no reverse!


I'm really looking forward to do some "tigering" very soon and I'm definitely gonna celebrate the Chinese New Year properly with family and friends in our little Chinatown nearby where they do it properly with fireworks, dragons and all..


We'll speak before that comes to pass!





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