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International Independence day

By Shopify API  •   2 minute read


Being independent should mean to grant others their independence too!

Allow people to be different from yourself, relinquish any attempts of subjugation, exploitation of others. 
(or bombing a country that doesn't play along with the hidden agenda "into democracy" for chrissake!)

Let us celebrate a new culture of live and let live, where truly independent research into new energy sources is possible at our highly paid universities, where we are free to independently research our true history, ancient and recent, where freedom of speech and the free and peaceful exchange of ideas is not hampered by riduculous memes of self censorship, where we are free to independently pursue our own health after freely and independentlyinforming ourselves. 

In such a world the potential for growth and abundance is limitless!

This is the paradise we are striving for and that's the idea of true independence.

What can hold us back?

Independence starts with taking responsibility for one's own life and actions. 
Only when we stop blaming others and start creating the world we want to live in right here and right now, will we be moving towards independence

The orgonite movement (or as Don would prefer to name it: The orgonite network) has always been about this type of independence

We do not lament about chemtrails, but acknowledge them and then take steps to dissolve them! We don't freak out when we become aware of the nasty dual use aspects of cellphone towers for mind control or weather manipulation, we transform them from death ray transmitters into powerful orgone generators.    
And so with all the other negative stuff that one could get lost in indulging in, getting lost in sea of fear. 

Orgonite gifting pushes back the walls of darkness, but it's also not the magic pill that solves all problems. It's still us who have to do the work of becoming independent and granting others their independence. Popping magic pills that solve all problems has been the false promise of allopathic medicine and consumer society in general and look into what misery of managed disease, addiction and dependence it has led us!

And now in good fashion let's celebrate the 4th of July as an international day of independence with a spectacular discount of 20% of all your orgonite and zapper orders, resellers welcome and also it's the last day where the old prices are still available as special prices. No coupon code needed!

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