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Is this really orgonite?

By Shopify API  •   5 minute read

I have deliberately not influenced this selection.

70% of what you see there is not really orgonite, even if it looks very pretty. Orgonite is not "crystals and coils decoratively suspended in clear or coloured resin".

The basis of all orgonite is the matrix of aluminium shavings (or other metals, but aluminium works best) in resin.
Even without the tiniest bit of quartz crystal this is a powerful energy converter and the basis of everything else. The acceleration and revitalisation of stagnant ether (DOR) happens in the border zone between the aluminium shavings and the resin. The more such layers can be had in a given space, the stronger will be the revitalising energy effect. That's why aluminium works so well: Because it comes in thin "tinsel-like" shavings, forming a multilayered matrix with many border zones.
BTW: A lot of people are out there spreading negative rumours about the use of aluminium. But what are their credentials?
I have not seen any of these people do any major gifting efforts. What we are doing is massively field tested by thousands of people with an overwhelming body of evidence speaking in it's favour.

Let us go into the history of this movement a bit:

Orgonite was invented by Karl Welz who originally never used any gemstones or crystals.
He built (and still builds) powerful radionics machines with his original orgonite. My first contact with orgonite was through him, perhaps in 2001. On his website he was suggesting an experiment. One had to print out a symbol that he was remotely energising in one of his orgonite driven radionics generators. Then he suggested to hold one's hand over that symbol. And yes, I coud feel a characteristic warmth and tingling, a feeling that I was going to get to know quite well when working with orgonite. (Hold the hollow palm of your hand over any cloud buster and you will feel it)

Don Croft was the next person to make a very significant contribution, perhaps the most significant one ever:

Don was the one who took Karl Welz's invention and combined it with Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster idea. That lead to the first orgonite cloud buster:

cloudbuster by don croft
One of Don Croft's first CBs: You notice, it was never meant to be pretty!

Don selflessly promoted his discovery as he realised how powerful this was in disabling all the the nasty mind control technologies. Don wisely never attempted to commercialise any of his inventions apart from the orgonite zapper. That way he could never be accused of being commercially motivated in promoting this. He has done an enormous service to humankind.
Soon other field applications were developed, aided by Don's clairvoyant wife Carol.
The first 2 additions were the orgonite cone dubbed by Don the "Holy Handgrenade" after a Monty Python movie and later the towerbuster. The latter was found sufficient to convert a cellphone tower from death ray transmitter to a positive energy generator. The earth pipe was the last addition to the basic arsenal of environmental gifting.
These 4 simple tools, if used in vast numbers on all cellphone towers and secret military installations could end all wars, all droughts and turn this planet into the paradise it always wanted to be.

That's how simple it is!

In the meantime a movement - or as Don would prefer to call it - a network of dedicated gifters had adopted this simple but effective technology. This was centered around certain forums and now around
All this environmental gifting work was achieved with simple, if not crude, basic aluminium orgonite with some quartz crystals as per Don's basic recipies.

Crude but effective
Crude but effective: That's why we call them "Dirty Harry"

In parallel, orgonite experimenters started to add other ingredients to orgonite. The first ones to do so were the Hootens and that's why orgonite spiked with gemstones was originally called "Hootenized" orgonite.

It became obvious that the addition of semi precious stones could add another healing dimension to the basic energy conversion orgonite brought about.
However, the debate since then has never stopped how far this should go.

The way we see it is that personal healing orgonite can greatly benefit from "vibrational additives" such as gemstones, precious metals and herbal medicines. However, we must not forget to first produce a strong underlying carrier wave that will amplify the much more subtle vibrations of those additions.

Many present day orgonite artists, while well intentioned, get carried away by their beautiful creations of crystals artfully coiled and suspended in clear resin, with not a flake of aluminium or any other metal in sight. Some of these creations look stunning and I do not doubt that their creators are energetically sensitive human beings and that these crystals - when brought into harmonic relations to each other - have healing effects.

But it is not orgonite!

For example, in a classical HHG the crystals are fully embedded in the orgonite matrix and not exposed for showy effects.

While everybody is of course free to experiment with whatever they like, I needed to clarify this because I see that the massive proliferation of new-agey gemstone displays, often adorned with occult symbols reflecting the various spiritual persuasions of the creators or their intended audiences are shifting the perception of how orgonite should look like.
Suddenly "normal"orgonite looks somewhat drab and less attractive to the interested newcomer and people think of it as less powerful or missing something.
This is a dangerous trend as it shifts people away from the main purpose of the whole orgonite movement, namely to mass enable humans to produce a simple and effective remedy to the mind control, weather manipulation and chemical geoengineering warfare perpetrated against us by an increasingly desperate-to-cling-to-power-and-control "elite".

The personal healing effects are only the second thought, although for many newcomers to this orgone world they are the window of entry.

Heal the world to heal yourself!

We are building our orgonite always with a solid core of real orgonite. This does not prevent us from making it look nice and adding all the ingredients we have found over time to be effective.
Based on our 15 years of global gifting experience, we know that it works that way and we can prove it.

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