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Not all that glitters is gold...

By Shopify API  •   4 minute read

We use many different stones, metals and other "secret ingredients" in our Orgonite products.

The most basic ones are the aluminium filings contained in the Orgonite mix, and the Quartz crystals that we always add. They enhance the effect of the Orgonite and make what is already a fantastic tool into an even more powerful Orgone generator.

In previous posts, I've spoken a bit about the additional gemstones we use, such as Lapis lazuli, Tourmaline and Shungite. Today, let's go in the other direction - and have a look at the metals!

Silver is obviously well-known, and yet I feel that its healing properties are not spoken of enough.

Not only do we use it for the electrodes of our El Silverado zappers, or for our DIY Colloidal silver kits, we also use its energetic properties in our pendants and our SBBs, usually combined with Sugilithe.

So, let's have a look at what makes silver so incredible:

The medicinal use of silver is traceable back to Ancient Greece and Egypt. Even then , small amounts of silver (today we use colloidal silver) were used for their antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It was known that storing perishable goods or water in silver containers kept these goods fresher for longer.

Silver was often used as a part of purification rituals and was a symbol of wealth and advantage, much like gold, but with a much calmer and more healing-oriented energy.

Silver is connected to the moon, and as such to the feminine aspect of energy. Much like the moon, it has a reflective property, and so reflects negativity from the wearer.

Many psychics and gemstone users use silver to amplify and channel the qualities of other gemstones, for example turquoise or amethyst. This ameliorating quality is particularly useful in Orgonite, as we combine it with several other gemstones in our products.

Sugilite in Orgonite

This is one of my personal favourite combinations - sugilite and silver. It is gentle, soothing and supportive. The feminine and reflective energy of the silver perfectly complements the emotionally supportive energy of sugilite.

Sugilite is most notably found in Southern Africa, where the largest deposit to date has been unearthed. It is a fairly recent discovery and already, much of it has been mined and sold off - hence its exorbitant prices when you look it up on popular crystal-selling online shops.

We were fortunate enough a couple of years ago to acquire a large amount of sugilite from a good friend of ours, Donald Rikiert - a poet and war veteran living in Kuruman, where some of the largest sugilite deposits are mined. He was one of our largest crystal and gemstone suppliers for many years before his passing, and sourced quite a few rare gems for us. Luckily, we still have a good supply of sugilite left, that we now use for our Orgonite.

Sugilite is, energetically speaking, hugely effective at manifesting your desires physically, and in creating a deeper connection between the physical, mental and emotional planes of being. Like most purple-coloured stones, it is associated with the upper chakras, and helps to open us up to cosmic energy.

Sugilite's greatest potential lies in helping us to find the blessing in negative circumstance, and to soften our attitudes towards ourselves and others, so that we may forgive and move on.

If you feel like you do not belong - perhaps even that Earth is not your true home - then Sugilite can help you to remember the purpose for your life here, and assist you in manifesting your dreams and desires.

Our Silver & Sugilite Orgonite

I would like to highlight some of our products containing this wonderful combination of Sugilite and Silver, as well as just the Silver on its own. Perhaps some of them resonate with you!

Sugilite pendant: This small pendant is ideal to increase your mental clarity and reflective ability throughout the day

Sugilite St Busters Button:
This powerful Orgone generator will soothe the energy in your home, and may assist you in sleeping deeper, too.

Colloidal Silver Kit: Make your own Colloidal Silver with this easy to use DIY Kit - simply place the electrodes in a glass of water, connect to a power source, and within 20 minutes, voilà!

El Silverado Orgone Zapper: The El Silverado Zapper is an absolute classic. The silver electrodes amplify the already powerful healing ability of the zapper, much like taking in colloidal silver directly through the skin.

For a limited time only:

I love writing these product spotlights to show you some of my favourite products, and I hope that they help you see them from a different perspective than you may have seen them before

And because I want to make it even easier for you to experience these wonderful Orgone generators first-hand, I've placed them on special for a very limited time!

You can find all of the above products on our Specials Page, or by simply following the individual links above.

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