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It doesn't have to be like this

By Shopify API  •   9 minute read

The ugly scarcity monster has been haunting this planet increasingly for the last few years. Practically all "developed" countries except maybe for Russia and China (who seem on an upward trajectory at the moment) are going through a protracted crisis of their respective financial systems.

The scarcity monster

Nasty little bloodsucker

Austerity, mass retrenchment of public workers and rapidly falling living standards for the middle and working classes are the order of the day. Look at Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy for the more drastic effects of this crisis or look at Germany and the US for a more concealed hollowing out of the middle and working classes' economic sitiuation.

Why is this happening?

The only thing that is somehow artificially made scarce is "money". Our ability to produce all the goods we ever need or want is rising at a yearly rate of 1.5-2% since the begining of the industrial revolution. This is why trend forecasters in the 1960s and 70s were predicting a society of leisure and potential boredom (if no meaningful ways to fill the time liberated by the explosion of productivity would be found) for the immediate future. That should have been about now! The social engineers behind the curtain decided otherwise as we all know. If the future visions of the 60s and 70s had come to pass we would also now be able to fly to the moon and other planets for holidays or become space explorers and colonise other worlds...

No Food scarcity either

The surface of half the US-State of Texas could feed the whole population of the world with healthy produce, using intensive sustainable organic farming techniques. All the scaremongering about overpopulation is based on the same paradigm of scarcity and fear and has no grounding in fact at all. If you add the reality of abundant free energy derived from the multitude of supressed technologies that have been available at least since the 1930s, you understand that we live in a world of deferred potential, surporessed development.

That fear is intended!

It helps those who by deception and trickery have put themselves into a position where they can control and benefit from the process of the creation of money. The situation is in fact ridiculous and has to be changed asap. All money in 95% (the other 5% are the ones "we" bomb) of all countries is completely created by private banks who lend it to people businesses or governments at interest. More than 90% of this money did not exist before it was lent into existence. This is a seeming paradox, but the basis of our finacial system is completely illusionary. That's why it's called fiat money from the Latin "fiat" = "let there be" as in the bible when god says "fiat lux - let there be light". So it comes into existence by agreement. There is nothing wrong with that as such. Only that a small group of interbred families have usurped the right to create this wonga (that we all need in order to facilitate the exchange of goods) through their monopoly banks and thereby cream off all the surplus and abundance the combined genius and hard work of 7 billion earthings can produce.

That is not right!

There are several ways out of this and it looks like something is about to happen soon. The main question to be asked is how much damage the mainstream economy will have to suffer in the transition process.

Public Banking

Ellen Brown in her seminal book Web of Debt asks the one intelligent question that every one should have asked decades ago: "when we all agree that money is created out of thin air, why don't we create it for the benefit of the people and without interest?"

web of debt

This book is a must read: find it on ellenbrown-dot-com

Through their learned institutions of deception, first and foremost the London School of Economics the banksters have convinced us that we need "independent" (meaning privately controlled) Reserve Banks to lend the money into existence the government needs to finance it's public works and other functions of government.

What an absurdity!

So in the US, the bankster owned FED prints money that is backed only by the government debt it buys from that newly created money. If the government is "good for that debt" why would it not be good to create this money debt free in the first place by an act of fiat, for example in the yearly budget.

This could be "scientifically" determined by a comittee of experts based on a regular assessment of the productive capacity of a country. Giving the people back the power to create their own currency would essentially do away with income tax and all the paranoid snooping and harrassment that goes with it. The debt based money system cannot sustain abundance forever because all money that is created is sucked back into the point of origin plus interest. This is why inequality of income grows at such an alarming pace together with the fear and friction factor,international tension and permanent low level war in the less fortnate parts of the world called the "Third World". Only individuals or economic entities closely aligned with the money creation monopoly (the octopus) can prosper in such an environment.

For a while (the post WWII period of monetary expansion) this can work in a part of the world, but eventually the burden of debt becomes so big that it becomes unsustainable. New avenues of expansion can then only be opened as last resort safety valves such as overrunning and looting a country that was not yet previously debt enslaved like Libya very recently. In this terminal phase of the dying parasite the interest rates have to be kept near zero in order to allow the system to take on more debt without imediately collapsing. This in turn makes it impossible for the real economy to create savings for future investment.

The real economy shrinks while the casino economy of accelerated betting on increasingly more fraudulent assets (like all those derivatives of derivatives) thrives, driven by those that stay close to the monster parasite and have access to boundless funding at close to zero interest to buy casino chips with. Already under normal conditions the sum of all incomes of all wage earners can never afford to buy all the goods produced in an economy. This is simple math because when wages make about 1/3 of the cost of producing any given commodity or luxury goods, the wage earners can only afford 1/3 of the finished product. The mega rich don't spend a large portion of their money on consumption. They use it to pile up even more money. Where does the rest come from? Credit financed monetary expansion! ("please charge it to my Diners card") Eventually, in cyclical convulsions, the system has to rid itself of surplus productive capacity in a major conflagration of war which is what the so called elite has been steering towards energetically for the last 10-15 years. (Bombing Syria, bombing Iran, permanent upheaval in the Middle East, eventually bombing North Korea or maybe Russia or China. The public sentiment for such a move is being prepared) A public money system does not need that. It can inject enough buying power to absorb the yearly increase in productive capacity. Like any other system it is open to abuse or reckless hyperinflation. But so? The present setup clearly does not work for "We The People" so let's take the power back and use it for our own benefit!

Gold + Silver

I'm gonna keep this one short even though the gold option is very popular amongst alternative thinkers. Yes, gold is kind of a more objective measure of value, but think about it for a moment: The same elite that has been running the big life force extraction scheme has already accumulated all the gold in the world anyways. So where does that leave us?

Fascism = the rule of huge corporations backed by abusive dictatorial state power

In a libertarian universe, all currenies or other means of measured exchange (anything that people may voluntarily agree to use as a means of exchange) would freely compete. The banksters' currencies like the so called US-dollar would probably quickly collapse if it wasn't backed by US military and policing power which actually is the one decisive factor here. It's a state sanctioned extortion racket and has nothing to do with "free enterprise". It is only the "legal tender laws" enacted in all countries that force people to transact in the state backed but privately owned and created fiat currency. Take that away and people would insist on payment in gold, silver or other tangible assets. Nerds to the Rescue! In comes the phenomenon of BITCOIN! Bitcoin derives it's value from the fact that it is decentrally mined by computer nerds who are willing to dedicate number crunching power of vast arrays of graphic processor units to the task. While this in now way represents a backing by tangible assets, it creates limited availibility while making the process of creating money available to anybody who is willing to invest in the hardware. It is a fiat currency as well,

but one accepted by mutual agreement of willing participants.


Orgonise Africa now also accepts Bitcoin in payment for goods It allows direct payment peer to peer worldwide without the interference of state power or any other intermediaries like banks, payment services, credit card companies, PayPal etc..

It is as direct as cold hard cash

Bitcoin itself as it now exists is limited to a total supply of 24 million bitcoin which is a present value about 24 billion USD. As it becomes more and more difficult to mine more bitcoin it will inevitably go up in value but BITCOIN as such will not be able to cover the whole world economy which is worth a few trillion fiat USD at present. What is more interesting is the technology and the idea behind it. Bitcoin 2.0 will allow any private party to monetise their assets directly by creating so called "colored" coins that represent certain assets that the person or economic entity possesses.

And here is the true revolution:

Instead of going to a bank that also has no money, but is licensed to create it under it's country's Reserve Bank Act, you are now saying: here is my house and it's worth say 10,000 Bitcoins, so I pledge the house in turn for creating this amount of currency which I can now use to trade and expand my business. WOW!

It means we create our own money based on our own assets and productive ability. The possibilities are endless. What it surely demonstrates is that the means of exchange for an abundant economical universe based on freedom, trust and honesty can be created by ourselves without waiting for Big Brother to allow us to do so. (He has other plans, believe me) Of course this will create new industries of verification and trust building as people would want to know that those assets really exist. This is were new fields of endeavour will open up for people now wasting their considerable brain power in unproductibve fields like being tax accountants or even bank employees. No fear! There's space for everyone who has a useful service to offer with honesty. Some people's self created money might be more readily accepted than others' based on reputation or the recognition of the verifying entity etc... All in all, these are exciting prospects.

Orgonite - Agent of Abundance

We have good reasons to believe that massive deployment of orgonite will soften the landing and transition enormously. And here I'm not only talking about those 3-5 pieces around your house, I'm talking about "full coverage" of a country: All cell phone towers, all government buildings, banks, large enterprises, military sites, underground bases, satanic covens, TV stations, press headquarters, ley lines, negative energy spots, battle fields, places of mass murder or atrocities etc., the whole cadoodle!

Orgonite, apart from it's obvious health and environmental effects has unfathomable benefits on the consciousness level.

I say unfathomable because the journey has only just started and nobody knows where all this awakening will lead us. The only thing we know for sure is that the journey is very exciting and need not be feared. So, invest your rapidly fading fiat currency into something real! Buy gold, silver, bitcoin, land and food reserves and last but not least get yourself some more orgonite to mellow the transition. I would even advocate some recklessness in going into debt to aquire real assets as long as those fiat units still have some buying power.

Your debt will be reset in the transition. It cannot be otherwise!

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