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The latest from the Orgone Factory

By Shopify API  •   6 minute read

Nov 27, 2013

This year has been quite different from many before in that we re-focussed our minds on strengthening our base rather than expanding into ever new adventures. So, no big expeditions this year, just a bit of "maintenance gifting" in the neighbourhood.

New focus

Instead we put our minds to growing Orgonise Africa as a business and create the prosperity that we all aspire to without waiting for external events to lift our boat. We had for quite a while spent too much energy on hoping for things like the African Dream to lift off, expecting a total change of scale for our activities from it. Hopes like that can be quite distracting from the simple fact that we hold the key to our own prosperity (on the material and spiritual level) in our own hands and always have. That does of course not mean we do not wish great initiatives like The  African Dream to succeed, (oru friends in Egypt are pushing hard for it but the obstacles are also mile high) but we do not pin our hopes for our own future on it any more.

Investing in the future: new office for Orgonise Africa on our premises (gotta get the business out of the house)

So here goes: The renewed focus on growing Orgonise Africa as a business has already lead to a 60% increase in orders and we expect that trend to continue. Now our task is to be ready to fill all these extra orders we are getting. Delays in shipping out orders have happened as a result of us not being able to produce fast enough and that was exacerbated by the fact that Freiderike had an accident on 11 October where she broke her foot by falling into a hole on our property. Very nasty fractures and she's only now able to slowly (hopping around on crutches) participate in the production of the specialised items only she can do. So we have hired and trained new people in the making of Orgonite and hope that when everybody goes home for Christmas (that's the big summer break here traditionally) we'll have abundant stock to satisfy demand.  

The new expanded team in front of the workshop (check Friederike's "decorative" moon boot).

Expanded production facility (casual visitors think we are preparing for a big party)

Improved customer service and free shipping 

An old saying says: "who works makes mistakes" or in a more modern fashion "$h1T happens". It's how you deal with it that makes the difference. Let me tell you a bit what challenges we're facing and how we are addressing them:

New helpdesk function

We have installed a software now that helps us to keep a clear head with all the hundreds of emails coming in every day. In the past it did of course happen that we would overlook an email once in a while. People can get quite frustrated when their emails don't get answered, so I've been thinking about a solution for this problem for quite a while: The new helpdesk function actually creates a "ticket" in the backend which stays there until it is answered or resolved.

Such tickets are now automatically created when you use the contact us form to write to us or email to

It's all about consistency over time  

When dealing with a company, especially in another country that seems far away to you, you want to know if they can be trusted to do what they say.

Orgonise Africa has been around for 11 years now (we were probably the second or third to offer orgonite online at the very start of this whole movement) and over this long period of time has definitely earned itself a reputation for reliability and consistency of service and quality while always being extremely competitive with our prices. Our lasting challenge is and will remain the logistics of getting the goodies to you when you are not in South Africa, and that's more than 80% of our business. In fact, Orgonise Africa, even though a small company by any means, has a truly global reach, with orders coming from all 5 continents.

We're becoming faster and now even offer worldwide free shipping!

For over 10 years we used the Post Office  as it provided quite reliable service worldwide at reasonable cost. Only for bulky items like the cloudbusters of orders of 100 TBs etc.., the only option was to chose the slow surface mail as all other options were to costly in relation to the price of the goods themselves. And then, at the beginning of this year, the operation of the Post office became seriously hampered by a serries of wildcat strikes, virtually bringing the distribution of mail to a halt. We had to find an alternative:. Traditional courier companies like FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc. were not an option because they are definitely too expensive in relation to the price of the goods. Who wants to pay 80$ in order to receive a 70$ zapper?

We finally found a company called mailwise who offer a unique "remailing service" that solves some of our problems but not all. They ship the mail to London Heathrow in bulk containers and from there feed it into the mailstreams of the major reciving countries directly. This is normally quite fast. The only downside is: we get no tracking of these parcels. It is basically as if they would "throw it in the mailbox" at Heathrow. The advantage is however the reduced cost and added speed and in 99% of all cases the parcels seem to arrive without a hitch. How to deal with the 1% then? I t becomes a matter of trust. we have to trust those that tell us the you haven't received their goods and you have to trust our commitment to deliver at all cost. What I really don't like is when people file a dispute with PayPal after 3 weeks for a socalled non receipt when they have actually ordered with the free shipping option which clearly advises 1-6 weeks (it can be anything in that range) + whatever the preparation time for the order. That's grossly unfair because we have then already shipped the order and are now deprived of our payment and the goods at the same time. Do not go this route please if you experience a delivery problem. We are committed to getting the things to you and if they really don't arrive after 6 weeks, we will send them again. (we trust you there) Another advantage, especially for EU customers: The goods get customs cleared on entry in the UK and are then moving freely inside the EU. Also in destinations like Australia, NZ, USA, Canada there is little hassle when a parcel has a UK post stamp. If you are in a hurry and do not mind the extra cost, there is of course the courier option. 2-4 working days to most destinations worldwide and trackable indirectly trhough mailwise.

Orgonise Africa now accepts Bitcoin

Many people in the financial reform discussion feel that Bitcoin could prove the first fully viable alternative to the extractive debt based money system based on debt that is so obviously facing it's final crisis. We are excited to be able to offer our products now in exchange for bitcoins. If you have Bitcoins, you have recently experienced a windfall appreciation in value against major bankster currencies like the US Dollar etc.,  spend some of that windfall on improvng the energy in your "hood" and see the transition to a more equitable world order even accelerate. After all, the consciousness shift is gaining momentum and orgonite helps tremendously in that awakening process.

Created by hyper-nerds for freedom loving people: The first investment grade bankster-free global currency


All the best wishes from   Georg + Friederike, Katharina  and Team 

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