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Orgonite in flashpoint areas

While the Orgonite movement is prospering in North America, Europe, Oceania and parts of Asia, the true flashpoints of the world are remaining out of reach for most gifters. Just those places that would need it most are rightfully perceived as too dangerous for going there with lots of orgonite in the luggage. These are often the countries targeted for regime change or general destabilisation by the financial cabal. This applies particularly to Africa and the Middle East.An exception may be the grassroots orgonite initiative by the East African gifters posting their exploits on Etheric Warriors. They have bravely gone into flashpoint areas in Somalia, Northern Uganda (Kony territory) and Southern Sudan and achieved remarkable results there. They have also demonstrated orgonite's efficacy to the small local farmers and created their own market for simple but effective orgonites.

Kenyan Orgonite

Crude looking but fully functional: Orgonite in fact only needs the basic mix of metal filings, resin and some quartz breakage in order to work.Local farmers report higher yields and fishermen catch more fish and so the happily invest in more orgonite as it brings them prosperity. This is the most convincing proof for orgonite as an African farmer is known to be stingier with his money than the proverbial Scotsman.

Short visit to Egypt

On our way to Germany, where we celebrated the 18th birthday of our daughter who is starting to study there, we paid a visit to our friends in Cairo.Mohamed, the visionary initiator of The African Dream project, is still struggling to get his considerable property back that was "confiscated" by the Mubarak Mafia and is still being used by the same corrupt group of people for their benefit. I really recommend that you read Mohamed's introduction about the background and philosophy of The African Dream to understand why I'm so excited about this project. But, being as resourceful as he is, he has been able to forge new alliances and power ahead anyways, albeit much slower than hoped for by all involved.So when we came to the office we found it had all been renovated, furnished and scores of new staff were sitting at new computers working on the various development projects.We were thrilled and overjoyed when he personally fetched us from the airport at 5 am, obviously without even having slept that night. Cairo is a city that lives at night with daytime temperatures being 40 degrees Celsius during our visit.In the spirit of truly amazing hospitality that is so characteristic of the Egyptians, Mohamed treated us to an outride on horseback around the pyramids. What a great way to take in the scenery. I had already gifted the Gizeh complex on my last visit, so this was clearly just for enjoyment.

Orgonise Africa at the Pyramids

Friederike on horseback @ the pyramids

MK on horseback

Mohamed on horseback @ the pyramids

Friends on a boat

Our friends on the fun boat

At night after a lavish seafood dinner on a floating Nile restaurant with the whole crew (that Egyptian hospitality again) Mohamed rented one of those colourful fun boats for a Nile cruise which enabled me to plop some 50 orgonite TBs into a 3-4 km stretch of the Nile in Downtown Cairo. The real thing of course (and it will happen) would be a cruise to Assuan in one of those floating hotel steamers. Luckily the tourist infrastructure in Egypt is just geared for inconspicuous gifting at least of the main areas. And it's really cheap at the moment with the country desperate to attract foreign tourists. Most have stayed away because of exaggerated news about the Egyptian revolution. We always felt very safe, also when moving alone with public transport (Cairo has 2 lines of Subway (metro) and is building a 3rd.

Colourful boats cruise the Nile at night

The Cairenes are a cosmopolitan outgoing bunch. The Nile becomes a display of colourful lights at night!

Inhabited - half finished

Typical in Cairo: half finished houses, often without even windows inhabited by the urban poor.

Rubble everywhere

Rubble everywhere - our friends blame the collapse of garbage removal on corruption under Mubarak

Libya Oil

The Libya Oil petrol station reminded us how close Libya is...

More highrise slums

More vertical slums

The mighty Nile - orgone gifted

The mighty Nile

View from Hotel room

View from our hotel room

Old Cairo

Old Cairo: layers upon layers upon layers of civilisations: Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic, Byzantine, Greek Orthodox, Islamic

Ebony and Ivory

Intricate lattice work of ebony and Ivory in old Coptic Church

Maria's Well

This ancient well according to holy legend quenched the thirst of Mary, Joseph and Jesus on their flight to Egypt when they are said to have stayed at this place for a long time.

I was extremely tempted to plop a TB in but it was never unguarded, so I had to settle for drinking a chalice of the holy water instead.

timber brick wall

This ancient brickwork has resisted countless earthquakes because of its combination of masonry and super hard timber. The church is from around 300 AD.


Tourist attraction "Cafe Firshawi", expensive by Egytian standards but well worth it after hours of showing through narrow crowded alleys in the Souk We managed to drop another 30 or so TBs as we went along. This is of course only a drop in the ocean in a 22 million metropolis like Cairo. Going on 1 per 2000 people, it would need about 11,000 to have a full impact just for Cairo, but everything helps. We left a lot more with Mohamed and Son over time, mostly decorative items like our pyramids as gifts to friends and business associates. The real importance of this visit is of course in the future projects we hope to undertake together.This is just the warm up for bigger things to come.

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