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Orgonite gifting Tour to Venda Dec 2002

(Limpopo Province)we went to Venda on the evening of the 3rd of December 2002, just in time to witness the solar eclipse on 4 December. A group of Pretoria businessmen had tried to market the event as a major attraction and had set up several viewing sites in cooperation with the tribal and municipal authorities. We had arranged to stay with a traditional Venda family as guests in their home. We brought an orgonite Cloudbuster and a box of about 70 orgonite tower busters for the trip. The CB had been sponsored by a friend.

Orgonite tour Vendaland-children

Children in front of our "holiday home"

Our welcome was warm although we arrived late. Our Host, Richard lives on a small (4 acre) farm plot. In traditional African fashion the homestead consists of several separate huts, all except one round with conical roofs. Connecting walls are forming different functional areas, like your "lounge", "kitchen" etc. Quite a functional design. Walls and even the external floors are artfully patterned with different clay pigments, the floors with combed patterns of cow-dung.

Orgonite tour Vendaland -star decorated house

Star patterned wall in the neighbourhood

The Venda are direct offspring of the ancient Zimbabwe culture that created the enigmatic stone monuments of great Zimbabwe. Their language is a derivative of Shona and they have preserved their cultural heritage much better than many other South African language groups. Under Apartheid they were an independent homeland and enjoyed more international recognition than many others of these artificial entities. As far as I know they boasted embassies of Switzerland and Sweden and more at that time. The climate is subtropical and the natural vegetation lush and green. A small plot like Richard's - after feeding the extended family - produces surpluses of maize, mangoes, tomatoes, papaya, ground nuts and various other herbs and vegetables. To the great disappointment of the locals the white visitors in their 4x4 vehicles all flocked to one site where they stayed entirely among themselves. Unfortunately a typical occurrence in South Africa. We were at times the only spectators for whom about 60 women in beautiful traditional dress performed their ceremonial dance.

Orgonite gifting tour Vendaland decors

All this splendour of colour and rhythm just for us.

Unfortunately - we don't know if it was the massive load of orgonite in our vehicle, the eclipse as such, or just a coincidence - the sky was overcast from the morning of the 4th onward and when the eclipse occurred accompanied by the clapping, singing and dancing of the Venda women, it was more like somebody dimming the light in a theatre. Quite eerie for a moment, but it went past very quickly. A light drizzle started coming down after the eclipse. In the afternoon we went on a very interesting sightseeing tour, guided by Richard and his brother Leonard, who is a school teacher and studies for a Masters in public administration. We had great talks and won some new friends. Our staying with a traditional African family caused quite a stir in the area and we received courtesy visits from the local councillor and the chief's wife. (Official state authority and traditional tribal structures exist in parallel in many of the rural areas) The friendliness, hospitality and courtesy of all people were overwhelming. Our children had great fun, playing in a large gang of some 20 neighbourhood children. We handed our orgonite cloud-buster over to Richard, who was very pleased and surprised as none of this had been arranged beforehand.

First orgonite cloud buster in Venda

That's Richard, me and the first orgonite cloud buster in Venda

We hope it will do some good work up there. It was raining intermittently after putting the CB up and also most of the way back to Joburg.

Orgonite gifting tour Vendaland–the map

Note the astonishing density of DOR emitting cell phone towers in this remote and relatively poor area.

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