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Orgonite Gifting Tour to the Free State

In early December 2002 I had a most amazing trip to the Free State province. The purpose of the trip was to deliver a orgonite CB to our first farmer client, Ed von Maltitz near Ficksburg, close to the Lesotho border and the Drakensberg mountains. Ed is a well-known right-wing politician and close to the AWB, or Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging.

Right wing / left wing: Orgonite is for everybody!

I do not associate with a lot of his political views, but acknowledge that he’s driven by a genuine love of (his version of) Africa and is a fine, upright and honest human being, to say the least. His honesty and bluntness have earned him the respect of many black people in the country, both from the general and the political ranks. So let’s suspend all judgement, especially as the cultural and political background is a bit too complex to grasp outside South Africa. He’s certainly got one point right: destroying the farmer will result in destroying the country. And that is exactly what is happening. I sincerely believe that he will eventually come out of the right wing corner and take a lot of folks with him, thus contributing immensely to our growing “planetary rescue team” with his honesty, ability and insight. Certainly an interesting man to meet and a very warm and welcoming host as well. Enough of this. I needed to refer to his public standing before somebody else does and uses this information out of context.

Ed v. Maltitz in full Camo and his CB

Ed has been severely affected by weather control for 22 years and always been very outspoken about it. He phones in to a lot of radio shows worldwide and speaks about these issues. He’s collected a lot of evidence as well. I’ve seen the planes buzz over, unmarked of course. They do little chemtrails. Much more of it seems to be a kind of “HAARP with wings”. But Ed has photos of chemtrails as well. He also has 5 cellphone towers (death force transmitters) surrounding his farm.

To put it briefly: he’s up against real evil. According to Ed, yearly precipitation was about 150% more before weather control experiments were started.

One of those HAARP needles surrounding Ed’s farm

Historic weather experimentation in SA

These South African government experiments were quite widely publicised in the beginning. Allegedly, they were designed to create rain. But strangely, they produced the opposite result right from the start. They called it “cloud seeding”. I have even heard about this from a simple black man in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. We busted some 50 towers on our way down, all of Ed’s HAARP needles, and put a CB on his ground. A lot of dramatic stuff happened in the atmosphere, stuff I’ve never seen before.

Rain was still reluctant to fall over his property, apart from a few drops, but Ed (who has been looking up to the sky all his life) said it looked very good. On our way back it rained (starting with a hailstorm) all the way along the busted route. Actually, it was a discernible strip of rain with blue sky and cumulus cloud at the fringe. That was a most exciting result. I felt sure it must have rained on Ed’s farm as well, but it didn’t. He says that his place and the area around is the apex of all South African weather and that’s why they’re concentrating their efforts so much on his farm. The result was that he was effectively bankrupted over the years, losing his 2000 ha farm in the process. When rain cloud is building up, a plane always moves in, sometimes at 1 or 2 minute intervals.

Observing the dynamics of POR and DOR

After the CB was installed and the strange towers (which have no apparent justifiable function other than creating a weather barrier) were done, we had thunderstorms building up in a semicircle around with strangest horizontal lightning discharges (also known as sheet lightning). At times it was so dramatic that I was reminded of descriptions of the last days of Stalingrad. My feeling is that lightning has a lot to do with the orgone dynamics in the atmosphere. We would see dramatic lightning more often in the future, wherever a CB was newly introduced and started to heal the atmosphere. On the other hand, we would observe that lightning that had often been very violent over Johannesburg and Pretoria, would become much softer after we had brought out sufficient orgonite in this area to neutralise most of the DOR transmitters there.

We also saw strange rays of “blackness” coming up from the ground from a distant position. No way of mistaking sun rays, as they converged to a point on the ground. Also, I think I really saw pure DOR very clearly for the first time. This was the day before at sunset.

The next day everything looked very different. The sky was clear and fresh, with good cloud build-up and a first hint of rain in the early afternoon. A lot of swallows were buzzing around some rocks on the property. Looking at the sky, one could also see the orgone as Wilhelm Reich has described it (white streaks and sparks, minute but visible). All the blackness was gone. Great numbers of swallows were back in the area, diving happily up and down. Ed had pointed out that one of the symptoms of weather control was the disappearance of most of the birds...

Weird things happen here: a plane disappearing in midflight

The most amazing thing happened then, witnessed by my wife and myself: A white unmarked plane disappeared into a cloud and didn’t come out. The droning noise stopped. The cloud was isolated, blue sky around. There was no way the plane, which was moving fast, could have disappeared naturally. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it.. 

Definitely, Eddie is sitting on some kind of special energy vortex  / portal. 

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