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Chemtrails over Germany (and Switzerland and Austria)

8 September - 1 October 2005

After a long time it was come to pass: A visit to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

A combination of family events and an invitation to speak at a symposium over free energy in Bregenz (Austria) brought us all back to the old continent. It was to be the first time since commencement of our orgone activities and a specially thrilling aspect was the expectation of personally meeting a lot of our new internet friends "face to face" finally. We equally looked forward to the meeting with old friends and family members. After landing in Zürich, I was met at the airport by Urs (Wurmking). We vistited the Rhine falls at Schaffhausen and then went to his home that he shares with his girlfriend and her mother. We had a very animated conversation and took an extended evening walk through the adjacent fields and forests. I really liked the nice Orgone tools that Urs is making. I only noticed with some astonishment, that 2 such serious buster as Urs and Andrea (Bajor) have never met even though they live only 1 hours drive apart. Is this now typical for he alpine republic of Switzerland, that everyone lives in his valley and never or seldom ventures out? Of course it's great when everybody at least starts taking responsibility for his or her valley. But since our orgone network is still a bit thin, this is not enough at this stage and I recommend a somewhat more strategic and large scale approach. What can prevent a person from grabbing 3-500 TBs and quickly busting everything along the Swiss Highway network? Since transmitters are placed at 2-3 km intervalls along these Arteries, this would quickly create a skeleton structure of positive orgone transmitters that could be fleshed out by other individuals later.

Urs with girlfriend and her mother

Chemtrails on the way to Bregenz

Chemtrails on the way to Bergen The Symposium "New hope for earth and mankind" was organised by Adolf and Inge Schneider, two very dedicated journalists, who publish amongst other things the NET-Journal (Neue Energie Technologien) and books on "border science" themes through their "Jupiter Verlag" publishing house. A broad spectrum of speakers was represented. Backyard mechanics, Engineers, Astro - physicists and philosophers: Everything was represented! The symposium went very well even though I was quite anxious before my lecture.The general atmosphere was very "heavy" and marked by "scientific seriousness" before my little speech. So, I was hoping to break this up a little bit. I was still afraid though that I would hit a "wall of silence" because I did call the parasitic occult New World Order by it's proper name in this speech. "NWO-no thanks“ But instead it was well received and changed the atmosphere of the whole gathering considerably. Everything was suddenly bubbling with interest and sparkling with energy. Prof. Bernd Senf, who has participated in some Expeditions with James DeMeo, not completely unexpectedly, brought up the same concerns that DeMeo has voiced vis-a-vis Don some time ago. The classical "orgonomists" are afraid that an "Oranur-Effect" could result from overcharging with orgone. Strangely nobody in or extensive network has ever observed such effects when working with orgonite. This must be due to the completely different principles of functioning between orgonite and the classical Reichian technology. I do have to get hold of the original report on the oranur experiment by Wilhelm Reich though and find out what it really was that he did to achieve this sickening effect. Bernd Senf is a lot more open towards spiritual things and other alernative healing modalities than DeMeo seems to be and a true scholar of Wilhelm Reich's work. The videos of the Namibia Expedition with DeMeo are very impressive and absolutely demonstrate the effectiveness of classical Reichian "Cloud-Busting". We had a more than 1 hour private talk by the side and found that we agreed on more things than either of us would have assumed in the beginning. Expressions like "Holy Handgrenade" etc. freighten him however, since he is not sharing our "conspiratorial worldview" and studiously ignores the phenomenon of chemtrails and other means of weather warfare. (or maybe he is forced to?)On the whole the Symposium has done a lot to elucidate the "new scientific paradigm" in which a lot of different streams of thought flow together and suddenly give us a first glance of ho the "new physics" could look like. A Universe based on spinning energy vortices in the vacuum out of which all known energies and matter manifest. Wilhelm Reich already described this in the 1940s in visionary fashion in his book „Cosmic Superimposition“. Very nice was the visit of some of our friends fromm the German Forum at the meeting that resulted in many good talks and new projects being born. I had sent a large box full of orgonite to Andrea in Switzerland, that she brought with her. So I was able to sell interested participants some orgonite "hectic bot sale style" and better my "petrol kitty" for the trip considerably in the process. Plus I had some "ammo for the road" as well. (Never leave home without it, heh?)Further on via Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Frankfurt and Leipzig to Berlin. In Stuttgart we paid a short visit to Karin and Stefan Bamberg and Mark Thompson where we were greeted lovingly and treated to a sumptuous meal and had a vivid exchange over our work.They also endowed us with some phantastic orgone creations for special purposes, 2 books and a very special crystal that will find it's destined place at the southern tip of Africa (Cape Agulhas) Some other interested friends of theirs also popped in so that we had a very stimulating afternoon.A pity that we had to move on. We spent the night with Tobias (von Grauenstein) in Heidelberg and also met Josef (Hunting Veggie) there. This was also a very interesting evening and morning the next day, with lots of good talking.

Chemtrails over Frankfurt Massive chemtrails over Frankfurt and along the whole route reminded us that the impression of harmony and wealth that a visitor from a third world country rich in sociial and racial tensions like South Africa might receive is very treacherous....

Chemtrails over Thüringen The next station then was Leipzig, where we stayed with Kerstin and Hans-Jürgen (Jakethefirst). Both are very energy sensitive and do a lot of good work. The live close to an old Nazi Underground Base that has been in continuous use by the Soviets and their clientele East German Army. And today? Well IN DUBIO BUSTO! ("If in doubt, I bust") Since their location is in a wetsern subourb of Leipzig, one can see the city lie in a distance. It was covered with a thick fog of HAARPed up chemtrails. We did a spontaneoous experiment by positioning ourselves (the four of us) on a small hill, directing the opne palms of our hands towards the city as sending antennas and concentrating on dissolving the CTs. You wouldn't believe it: It worked! As we were standing on that hill, concentrating, a marked vitalisation was happening in the sky, the opressive, amorphous slime started to reform into shapely cumulus clouds. This vitalisaton was enduring and pesistent. As we later left Leipzig for Berlin, the positive transformation was still in full swing and spreading. In Berlin (another rather large box of orgonite was waiting there for us) we first did a trip to the inner city on the good old S-Bahn (Berlin has 2 "subway systems", of which the S-Bahn is mostly above ground) with a back pack full of TBs and STHs to create some orgone enhancement there. Symbolic buildings like the new seat of the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzleramt), the remodeled Reichstag, but also the "museum island and the Berlin Cathedral (With burial crypt of the Hohenzollenren Dynasty and an overall symbol of their "God given right to rule") had to "bite the dust". Some STHs went into the Spree River at various places. We climbed the high cupola of the cathedral and hid gifts at appropriate places. This proved to be a good move as we were rewarded with a blue hole in the previously slimy "2-dimensional" sky, centered right above the Cathedral and the general vitalisation and forming of more articulate lively clouds. At night we stayed in the city to have dinner with some very good old friends from our old times in Berlin. We were happy to find them all well and especially happy that they took our new occupation wth theses "weird phenomena" with great interest and curiosity.

New Bundeskanzleramt (Internet-Archive Photo)

Berlin Cathedral (Internet-Archive Photo)

Reichstag with new cupola (Internet-Archive Photo)Over the weekend of 17 and 18 September Robert and Karin (the Tapiers) from Eastern Friesia and Andrea (Bajor) from Switzerland came over. Together we did a few little forays into the surrounding areas.

Bajor and TapierKarin in Summt Since all were lodged at the Inn, my brother owns in Summt, just north of Berlin, a quick visit to the town of Oranienburg and to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp came in handy. Oranienburg was an SS Garrison during the Nazi period and Sachsenhausen, the first large scale concentration camp in Germany, was the organisational hub of Germany's "Gulag Archipelago" during WW II. The treatment of concentration camps is very close to my heart for 2 reasons: Firstly because of the sheer negativity of these places because of the cruelties and murders that have been committed there. Secondly because of the hypnotic abuse that these places have been subjected to by the NWO cabal, in order to eliminate Germany as a cultural and political power via trauma based mind control. Of course we all have noticed by now, that orgonite not only works on the physical plane but even more in the etheric / spiritual realm.Places of mass murder (human sacrifice), mass slaughter of animals (think of what the mass slaughter of the bison did to the American Indian, apart from depriving him of his traditional food and economy base) and the like have always been used by the dark side to create AND MAINTAIN negative energy fields.

Tapier and I on the way to Sachsenhausen memorial site

Eingang zum KZ

Soviet obelisk - a convex mirror of negativity The soviets had after victory continued to use the Camp as an internment camp for what they regarded as fascists, including many elements they pleased to eliminate. So their obelisk is even more pathetic, thinking of this recent part of history. Of course it's shallow symbolism only commemorates communist inmates of the camp, hence the red triangles.

After some thorough orgone gardening on the concentration camp's grounds (with a small shovel that means)The Tapiers and Bajor, who are rather sensitive for these things, strongly felt the presence of the people tortured and maimed here. The energy eruption shown here above (in total stillness without any wind as usual with these etheric changes) was felt by us as the ascent of the unhappy undead souls trapped at this place. I felt vey much reminded of our experiences in Uganda when we treated Bujagali Falls and the souls of those mas murdered by Idi Amin's minions escaped in the form of gigantic swarms of bats in the middle of the day. (normally bats come out at night) The forests arond the Concentration Camp are one single mas grave and who ventures there in search of mushrooms will most likely kick up a few human bones. We found a few places of specially concentrated misery that were adequately treated.We also found a massive HAARP array and lots of regular transmitters in the surroundings of Oranienburg.

An eruption of positive energy

Camp fire in Summt In the evening we had a nice garden party, hosted by my brother where we were joined by further new and old friends. Next day we went off to do some more work in the inner city and treat the place in Hoppegarten where we had suffered our economic meltdown 9 years ago.

Sitting in Summt with Bajor

City-Busting with digging tool - Long live the Berlin Alley Tree (not only for our four legged friends)

Bustin' da City

Mourning work in Hoppegarten - here I went bust nine years ago in what was supposed to be the "Eastern Reconstruction Boom"

The project that broke our neck - it had to be busted

After the Fall of the wall we had started an ambitious architectural project here, that turned against us in a general climate of dissapointment in the mid 90s. We did hide some orgonie in the vicinity, hoping that this would start a more positive tendency regarding this legacy of the past.

HAARP and Chemsoup over the Berchtesgaden region After Berlin we went on to Salzburg (Austria) where Friederike's brother Henning was to celebrate his wedding with Monica from Italy with many friends and relatives. (Austria was of course chosen because it's between Italy and Germany) Everywhere we saw active sprayplanes on a scale that I have never seen in South Africa. I swear to god that the sky didn't look nearly like that when I left Germany 8 years ago.

Chemtrails auf 2 Ebenen Salzburg is a town permeated with occult symbolism and offers many rewarding targets for gifting with orgonite.How nice that after the wedding festivities Axel, Lisa and Klaus from Linz showed up and we could pay a visit to some prominent points around Salzburg together.(The old town centre and the fortress Friederike and I had already done with the kids in sight seeing mode) A great opportunity to meet some of our internet friends face to face again!

Masonic - and Templar symbolism galore at Salzburg's St. Peter cemetery (and elsewhere in town)

Massive entropy transmitter station on the Geißberg

Imperial crown near Kaiserbuche placed on Ley line

The "Linz Gang"

Also this stands near the Kaiserbuche, now surrounded by TBs

Untersberg Mountain - pilgrimage centre for occultists of all colours - now positively charged (Axel and Lisa)

A Sylph near Untersberg - thank you!

A serenade on the way down - great remedy for vertigo

The dragon slayer motive in traditional woodcarvings - very popular in Bavaria We spent a few days in Munich with friends, where we also met the 2 staunch Spain-Busters Gerhard and Richard. That was another delightful afternoon. From Munich we left the highway shortly before Garmisch - Partenkirchen to get onto the "romantic castle road" alongside the fantasy castles of tragic king Ludwig of Bavaria, who tried to maintain Bavarias independence against the Jesuits, the Pope and the Prussian hegemony under Bismarck and was driven to death, not without having been declared insane by his "advisors" before. (The Illuminati have always used the same methods, only then without the electronic gadgetry they have now) The "Kini" (bajuwarian for "King") is still very popular in Bavaria and his Fantasy castles have long since recouped his "extravagant expenditure" for which he was so heavily chastised,a thousandfold for the Bavarian state in the form of endless streams of Japanese, American and all kinds of other tourists pushing through these beautiful figments of his imagination.

Temple of Diana, Linderhof castle

Lohengrin Grotto

Another dragon slayer (Linderhof, photo blurred unfortunately)

Neuschwanstein castle - Disneyworld of the 1800s

Courtyard Neuschwanstein

And is that possible? Another one! (And they all carry my first name, hehe)We went on via Bregenz again, along Lake Constance to Basle, where we spent another 3 nights before departure.

The Goetheanum: rather darkish, I must say, despite all my love of organic forms Apart from a visit to my uncle Dietrich and a meeting with my cousin Christian, we laid out a few more gifts in the area, especially around the "Goetheanum", the spiritual centre of Anthroposophy, designed by Rudolf Steiner and at the Ryfenstein, a ruined medieval castle near my uncle's residence in Reigoldswil where I often played as a little boy.

Andrea on the Ryfenstein with her 2 dogs We were joined by Bajor who lives close by in Liestal on this little trip. Back in South Africa we are happy that we did this journey but also happy to be back in sunny Africa. I would need some time to get used to the relative darkness of northern and middle Europe if I ever chose to live there again.

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