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Kalahari orgone gifting

15-17 October 2005

Another dry planting season was announced (planned*) by the powers that be for 2005/2006. We were feverishly thinking of how to counteract their plans this time....Luckily new, very concrete and precise information about secret military and alien underground bases in Southern Africa has become available to us recently and we are not losing time to act on that information.So, after coming back from Europe in early October we identified the Area around Kuruman and Hotazel with several suspected underground bases as our priority target zone for the orgonite gifting.On this trip I was accompanied by our healer friend Karin Horn for whom this would be a very interesting experience because she was about to witness the conversion of DOR to POR by orgonite on a large scale for the first time.. *I recommend a simple mental exercise: When reading the orchestrated press or listening to TV from the "What To Think Network", generally replace the words"prognosticated", "forecast" or "anticipated" with the word "planned". You will see that the news suddenly, makes sense. Actually reading a newspaper can become quite enlightening and entertaining hat way. It is a sound scientific method to form a hypothesis and see if it matches the observed realities better than another hypothesis like the one forwarded by the WTT-network for example. (Our ordained reality)

Target Zone: Hotazel is also spelled Hot-As-Hell by some

Orgonite gifting Kalahari – tower along the way

Tower en route

sylphs in the sky after organ gifting

Greetings from above

Orgone safari in the Kalahari – Karigrest at die ooog

Karin getting some refreshment: Kuruman is famous for it's strong and very clear source of fresh water, called the Eye of Kuruman

Kalahari orgonite tour crystal clear water at Die Ooog

The water is really crystal clear and seems energetically very much alive We busted Kuruman and surroundings well and continued to Hotazel. On the way we felt drawn into an extended Valley by the sight of 2 distant microwave towers.It turned out that the valley was a giant old Manganese mine with the Hills mostly formed by terraced mine tailings. The whole valley felt eerie and was therefore stringed with TBs and an earth pipe inserted at a place that felt right.

Mr. Tata II, our expedition companion

Orgonite expedition make Karin Horn

Karin Horn, herbalist extraordinaire and psychic companion.After arriving in Kuruman, and already en route to Hotazel we felt drawn into an extended Valley by the sight of 2 distant microwave towers.It turned out that the valley was a giant old Manganese mine with the Hills mostly formed by terraced mine tailings. The whole valley felt eerie and was therefore stringed with TBs and an earth pipe inserted at a place that felt right.

Orgonite safari in Hotazel

Mine dumps in HotazelAccording to our information the whole ground under Hotazel is hollow and used for negative underground activity. So we peppered the area will and inserted a few earth pipes in the small town and the exhausted manganese mine areas just out of town.

Banging in an Orgonite Earthpipe

banging it in

Exhausted Manganese mine in Hotazel

Planting a double pyramidnear Hotazel

A sylph saying "Hi"From there we went further north towards the Botswana border, via the small mining town Black Rock that got its appropriate share of gifts. Our feeling was that the whole area, being one of the driest and hottest in Southern Africa needed to be thoroughly gifted with orgonite.

Small mining town Black Rock

Cactus gifted with orgonite

Cactus blossoming in Black Rock

Manganese mine in Black Rock

Tower in Black Rock

I found this funny...After leaving Black Rock and driving further North, it felt like driving against a solid wall of bad energy. DOR. The photo give only an incomplete impression of this overall sensation that was strongly felt by both of us.

DOR – Deadly Orgone energy - no match for  Orgonite

Maximum DOR in northern direction

Orgonite gifting in remote area of kalahari

We went mostly parallel to the dry bed of the Kuruman river that we gifted at regular intervals

Cloud formation after orgonite

Chemtrails dissolving over Kuruman river bed

As we went along we could see how our constant gifting effort pushed back that wall of blackness and negativity and left behind a totally altered, enlivened atmosphere. A most fascinating sight to behold was the formation of beautiful puffy cumulus clouds out of this deadly Mist of concentrated DOR.

First cumulus cloud forming

Now there are 2 already

Some 50km further in Severn: An ugly sky before we put down our load

And after: visible instant transformation after putting it down

Leaving Severn 15 minutes later: Now we've got a whole flock of beautiful sheep-clouds

After Severn (a 1-tower settlement, consisting of a road, a post office, a shop, petrol pump and an extended black shanty town) we went up to McCarthy's Rest, a border post to Botswana and from there on for 200km along the border which is defined by the dry bed of the Molopo river on deeply rutted sand tracks. Everywhere we could see the same transformation happen as we went along, leaving our gifts at regular intervals.

Cumulus forming everywhere

and more..

and more..

...and a sylph finally!

The next night was spent in Kuruman again after this extended tour of sandy tracks had ended in some night gifting. The First target next day was the radar basis above Olifantsfontein. I had tried to gift that already a year earlier on our way back from Namibia, but really come near it.This time we found the right access road and ignoring a lot of "unauthorised access forbidden" signs, we got our gifts pretty close.

Fairly James Bond-ish these huge Radar dishes...

And after we were done: The blue hole formed immediately

And a huge Eagle soared into that newly liberated energy vortex

The next Target was Lohatla army base. On top a normal training ground with shooting range, boot camp and all that, it has extended underground facilities with mind altering and weather modifying capacities.

Entrance (En-Trance) to Lohatla Army Base

Coats Of Arms: please note the snake entwined around a sword with the Maltese Cross. I'm fairly sure that's our underground guys..

Another lonely tower in the bush...

1 million Rand investment for 3 subscribers and 5 Pay-as-you-go clients? Or does it have a different function after all..While it was fairly easy to approach the base from the main road along it's western boundary, the backside proved much more difficult. We soon got lost in a maze of endless farm tracks leading nowhere. The bad news is that you mostly need an hour or more to discover that a track is not leading where you want to go. We finally decided that a certain stretch of farm road was as close as we would get and laid out a string of gifts along that stretch.Much pendulum dowsing and soul searching gave us the feeling that we had done enough for now.

Looking towards Lohatla after the deed

The day ended at Wonderwerk Cave, an old bushman (San) hideout that had been inhabited by a Boer family, aptly named Bosman (Bushman) for a few years during and after the Anglo-Boer war.

Excavations going on at Wonderwerk Cave

Our guide "Kleintje" (Smallie) with Karin who asked him to place two TBs near to 2 microwave transmitters on the mountain above the cave later

What a survivor: Cactus growing out of cleft in the rock above the entrance to the cave.

Finally: Some real rain clouds

We still had to drive all the way home to Johannesburg and do some busting on the way of course, so we arrived at something like 4 in the morning the next day because busting always takes longer than anticipated, but that you know already

The situation after the trip. Pink spots are the locations of Anti-DOR treated military underground bases.So, yes, you guessed it right: you will hear more about deactivated secret military and alien tech belonging to the illegal one-world plotters in their various disguises. One thing we did find out about it is that the darksiders do retaliate harder after we disable their death-tech in earnest than when you just bust a few surface towers like we used to for most of the time. But I guess it has to be done and I'm sure the attacks will become less pungent when we are closer to having all those bases disabled, one by one. We definitely get a lot of spiritual protection from higher positive forces, otherwise this work would not be possible and surely we have universal and constitutional law on our side since all these installations are in flagrant contravention of all human rights, arms control treaties and national sovereignty rights that one can think of.Georg Ritschl December 2005

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