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Orgonite gifting tour to the Western Cape


22 - 31 March 2005

The Western Cape Province has in large parts been a drought disaster zone for at least the last 2 years.We had only been able to place a few hundred TBs and a CB in Cape Town and surrounds.Those were obviously not yet sufficient to turn the climate situation around in the region. The Map below shows the great gap:

Orgonite distribution map

Situation before the Western Cape Expedition (blue Dots are orgonite gifts, flags are CBs)

Thus a somewhat more in-depth treatment of the Western Cape and the establishment of an orgone connection between Cape Town and Johannesburg were on the agenda.


Getting there

I went by car with my oldest daughter Kika - in order to orgonise the whole road down to the Cape - while Friederike flew down to Cape Town with her parents who were visiting and Isabella, the youngest. We started off with a little car accident just before Bloemfontein. After encountering damage to the rear wheel bearings on my brand new cheapie car, I hit a car port pole on a petrol station parking lot.It appeared to me as if I had clear vision and nothing was in my path! As if "something" had blanked out my perception or even fed a wrong picture into my cortex.Smack-Bang! Ugly wound to the head, but not dangerous. Kika screamed for 1/2 hour in shock and I bled into the car like a freshly slaughtered pig.

Orgonewarrior with head wound, slightly dazed...

Bustergirl Kika already smiling again...

Luminescence above Bloemfontein the same night - A sky full of guardian angels?

Somehow I felt reminded to the incidence on the Magaben trip almost 2 years ago, when I hit a cow which I had not seen despite clear sight and not excessive speed.Of course it's purely speculative to speak of attacks by the dark forces when extreme stupidity would suffice as an explanation.It was only interesting that a member of our forum told me in an internet chat that same evening, that she had seen the accident happening before it did and tried to warn me or otherwise prevent it. Maybe I owe my life to her vigilance. We got a rented car through my insurance (faster and better) and continued the journey with a bandaged head. (Thanks to a friendly passer by who knew how to deal with these things)We spent the night in Trompsburg, approx. 90 km behind Bloemfontein.Everything from Jo'burg up to and including the City of Bloemfontein had been done in the past already, so we only started putting out TBs now, as soon as we spotted bustworthy targets.Of these there were many on this most important highway in South Africa. (N1 from Johannesburg to Cape Town)

Gariep Dam

After doing the Gariep Dam we crossed the Orange River that was gifted again from the bridge. Several transmitter sites on the way. Partly inaccessible on high mountain peaks: In these cases we laid out strings of 15 TBs over 5 km to neutralise them.

This touch of green is quite unusual for the season (autumn) in the Karoo

After the first 200km of busting some cumulus clouds showed up, until finally we saw a huge cloud circle with blue hole inside over Mooifontein. The diameter was approximately 30km.All the time high density of transmitter sites in the empty landscape, approximately all 2-3 km. Is this really all needed to keep the drivers on the N1 in touch? Using a cell phone while driving is only allowed with a hands-free kit anyways as I was reminded of by two unmarked police patrols, who had been stalking me. I was stopped twice for alleged use of my cell phone on this trip and served with fines. This although I seldom use the phone in the car. Both times they were unmarked vehicles with policemen in civil clothes. I can't avoid the feeling that these molestations are systematic since I have been stopped by police cars all the time in the last few weeks for petty issues like not wearing a seat belt or not fully stopping at a stop sign etc.Both plainclothes policemen appeared above average intelligent and the second one said they'd been lying in ambush for me. (did he really say that?) I felt they were rather some kind of agents as normal traffic police officers are normally rather down-to-earth and not that smart.


Mountains and coast east of Cape Town


The next few days we spent in Greyton at our friend Frans' house from where we did various excursions into the neighbourhood, especially the coastline from Strand to Cape Agulhas. Greyton is a sleepy little town in the mountains, an ideal retirement place where children can play on the roads without being driven over by cars. (Very nice)

Rain clouds at the coast near Hermanus

A fat transmitter in Kleinmond

Clouds freshening up with beautiful luminescence after busting

transmitter near Stanford

rollin' home at night

Greyton's water supply was energetically improved


Friederike in mountains above Greyton

Georg on mountain above Greyton

Fog coming up

Two eagles (in picture) and one falcon showed up above us after we had placed our gifts in the mountains. They were suddenly just there!

Coast line near Betty's Bay

View of Gordon's Bay and Strand

Transmitter in Strand

3 Ritschl-girls at southernmost point of Africa (Cape Agulhas)

Bye-Bye Greyton: Frans, Friederike's parents and 4 Ritschls

After these beautiful days we went on along the coast, via Mossel Bay, an ugly industrial town with lots of petrochemical industry and off shore gas fields, then George and Knysna to the Tsistsikamma Forrest, a nature reserve on the coast where we were to spend 2 nights.

Sylphs above water reservoir in Riviersondereind

Mossel Bay

Masonic lodge in Mossel Bay (busted!)


Interlude: Dissolving HAARP over George in less then 30 minutes

Above the small city of George we saw a spectacular HAARP sky like I haven't seen one in a long time.(I call any kind of electromagnetic weather manipulation HAARP after the well publicised installation in Alaska (High Altitude Auroral Rresearch Program))Even nicer to see the whole slime dissolve after a dedicated attack on the 6 or 7 HAARP transmitters. (with civil "dual use" as cell phone towers) A great example for the potency of the small Tower Busters (TBs) of which we only used about 15 hereThe "David and Goliath Principle" in action.

HAARP above George

HAARP dissolution after 5 min

after approx.10 min: Cumulus clouds forming from dissolving HAARP-carpet

Another 5 min later

After 20 minutes: mostly gone

That was it: One decisive attack with approx 15 TBs has effected these dramatic changes within 30 minutes.

This tower was probably responsible for most of the mess

Late at night, after some wild detours through the townships above Knysna and gifting of the lagoon there we finally arrived at Tsitsikamma.


Tsitsikamma Forrest, Port Elizabeth und Graaff Reinet

On a hike (with gifts) to a waterfall some 5 km from the camp on the next day, we saw 3 dolphins jumping out of the water just outside the surf line. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough with the camera but I was under the impression that they liked our work.

Water fall in Tsitsikamma Forrest

Coast line at Tsitsikamma

Friederike entering a boat

Storms River Mouth Canyon.Thereafter we went on via Port Elizabeth (one of the 5 biggest cities in South Africa) to the Addo Elephant Park. All these places were of course abundantly gifted.We spent about 4 hours on PE and gifted the most important suburbs, downtown and the harbour front.

Sylphs over PE

Sylphs over PE

Elephant in Addo Park

On the way back I made sure to include Graaff Reinet, original seat of the Rupert family, the most influential money family in South Africa next to the Oppenheimers and probably main shareholder of the South African Reserve Bank, our terrorist "National" Bank (charging interest on non-existent money, the favourite illuminate game) similar to the FED in the USA.

Untreated evening sky over Graaff Reinet: slightly smeared with chemtrails

Pure illuminate romance in Graaff Reinet: Pyramid, microwave tower and palm tree

After thorough busting of the city we were rewarded with a most magnificent spectacle in the sky, in stark contrast to the previously "dead" or "card-board-like" sky. It appeared like an aerial battle with a final triumphant victory of the angelic forces.All this is an effluent of my over active fantasy of course and not scientific observation, ok? I do not know if the following picture can relay the excitement. See for yourself:

UFO Sky over Graaf-Reinette

Etheric aerial battle?

Victory! Radiating luminescence over dam at Graaff Reinet



Results of the trip

The trip

The overall situation after the trip Hefty rainfalls after the trip (eureka!) led to rapid swelling of rivers and some road damage in consequence which was overemphasized by the press. I get the notion that press reports are being deliberately biased in order to induce negative feelings toward rain.In general the rain was beneficial in most areas of the Western Cape and without damage to crops and infrastructure according to reports in Farmer's Weekly.The damages to major roads occurred only in the Caledon area, where most of the natural fynbos vegetation has been destroyed and replaced with ploughed stone fields, (a sight to behold, but obviously they harvest crops from these acres of ploughed gravel, just minerals, sun and rain needed) so there's no water retention capacity left in the river catchment areas and the water gushes right down the rivers, taking bridges topsoil and all with it to the sea...Also in Johannesburg we had above average rainfall over the whole of April. It was obviously significant that we had no created an uninterrupted orgone line from Cape Town up to Johannesburg and beyond.Here is a small selection of press reactions:

Article in Farmer's Weekly 22 April 2005

From drought catastrophe to flood emergency? The Star 14 April 2005

A somewhat reflective article in Farmer's Weekly of 22 April 2005 about the damages caused by 2 years of drought and in how far the recent rains can remedy that

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