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Orgone water gifting effort continued

I guess you all know by now what we mean by "gifting" or not? It refers to the more or less systematic energetic improvement of our environment by placing orgonite near emitters of bad energy. Water gifting is not yet as well known to the orgone loving public as other forms of gifting so let me talk about it for a bit. Most of us are aware of the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who demonstrated very clearly how water is a carrier of energies. By shock freezing small water droplets he showed how emotions, intentions and energy states visibly influence the way the water will crystallise or not in this process.

This discovery which - thanks to Dr. Emoto - has become quite popularised in recent years is not very new. Credo Mutwa told me years ago that Sangomas (spiritual healers) in Africa used to be able to clairvoyantly recall scenes that had happened near water with great accuracy. Even our own modest cellphone radiation experiment where water was used as a medium to show the difference between sprouts that had been watered with cellphone radiated water and those that had been radiated with the same cellphones but with added orgonite protection showed it clearly:

Water is a carrier of energy information. (Not to forget: homeopaths all over the world also have known this since Dr. Hahnemann started the whole thing in the late 19th century)

When we talk about water gifting we mean massive gifting of large water bodies:We started this with our first ocean cruisade in 2006 but in earnest with my first Zambezi trip in May 2007. Some parts of Southern Africa were still affected by drought conditions and I had asked Carol Croft if she could see a "sweet spot", gifting which would end that condition. She promptly identified "a little lake just north of Johannesburg". Obviously looking at a very large scale map that "little lake" turned out to be Lake Kariba on the northern border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, more than 1500 km north of us and 250km long. 

Lake Kariba is a dammed up lake as part of the mighty river Zambezi and the project soon widened into trying to gift as much of that great river. Cahora Bassa is the next huge dam further downstream in Mozambique and that's where we got arrested for allegedly trying to sabotage the dam wall with dangerous substances...

So, including Cahora Bassa we have probably by now covered approximately 1000 km length of the Zambezi, dropping at least one TB per km.And what are the changes we have observed?

The Zambezi originates in the Angolan Highlands, flows though Zambia and Zimbabwe and into the Indian Ocean in Mozambique, some 250 km north of Beira.All these parts have experienced increasing and lasting rainfalls since we started this work.

Northern Namibia and Botswana are also benefitting strongly. There is no centralised source of meteorological information for this region, but we're getting the confirmation from everywhere.The Okavango Delta in Botswana, an inland floodplain of great ecological value has seen its biggest flooding since the 1960s in 2009 and 2010.

Years ago fears were rampant that it would dry out forever, leaving its unique fauna and flora to die. Seasonal rivers that have not been flowing for decades are in full flood. Malawi (where we gifted Lake Malawi in 2008) is planting winter crops the first time since 40 years.

Mozambique has for the first time since the beginning of the endless wars there produced a surplus of rice (main planting areas are within the wider Zambezi area) Similar stories are coming out of Southern and South Western Zambia.It seems to me that massive large scale water gifting is really profound in impact. 

Especially in countries where large areas are so difficult to access, it seems to be the way to turn them around. Just go for the major lakes and rivers and the rest will fall into place. I love being on the water. The effects are not as readily observable as when you gift major tower arrays (cellphone towers, GWEN-transmitters, HAARP arrays, Radar, you name it). This is about deep and profound change. It's like a detonation in slow motion, very slow motion... 

In Early July we hitched our boat to the Landy and went down to gift 2 large dams in the semi desert Karoo that is occupying a large part of central South Africa.

Does it have to be this arid thorny shrub land? I'm not sure. It seems, previous gifting efforts have already made a lot of additional rainfall happen. So let's see what this massive infusion of positive orgone energy will do!

The dams are called Vanderkloof- and Gariep Dam and are both fed by the Orange River, one of the 3 major rivers of South Africa.

Let me not bore you with technical details, but both dams are huge and they are in the middle of nowhere. Almost in the "empty" geographical centre of South Africa. Not far from The Gariep Dam there is in fact a conspicuously named little settlement called "Middelpunt". (Middle point)

Come along for the ride and see how remote it was...(and freezing cold, since we have winter here now) After this we went down to the coast (leaving an orgone trail of course) as we had tickets for the worldcup game Uruguay - Germany (hence the flags on the boat, for the fun of it) in Port Elizabeth.

We had to watch at least one game in one of our 10 orgonised stadiums and the atmosphere was really great. Just plain carnevalistic fun, excitement and no drunken brawls or hooliganism which is so often associated with big events like this. I'm very sure that the 30+ TBs and 4 Earth pipes per stadium have made a big difference.

Our friends in Plettenberg Bay have been lucky to rent an old house directly on the beach where we could see the dolphins and whales play from the porch. What a nice ending!

On the way back we saw the Outeniqua Mountains snow-capped for the first time. They looked like the Alps. So much about that global warming scam...

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