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Cell Phone Towers

Many researchers (see have found that Cell phone-towers, -panels and -arrays, apart from the obvious hazard of electromagnetic radiation in the microwave band are used to transmit mind controlling frequencies modulated on top of the carrier frequency. These are ELF or extremely low frequencies that can be used as targeted riot control measures or even to induce debilitating pain in people in a narrowly confined target area. Some of my friends call them "martial Law transmitters"Another aspect is weather control or weather warfare in fact. The Towers seem to be linked to the HAARP ( High Altitude Auroral Research Program) network, an infamous technology with the capacity to alter weather patterns by heating up spots in the ionosphere with concentrated energy beams. Apparently this technology is being used in the ongoing genocidal depopulation effort concerning Africa and other 3rd world regions, together with the endless destructive wars that lay waste to whole regions periodically. For other atrocious uses of microwave technologies see this article about the CIA orchestrated Rwandan Genocide: activities of the dark fraction in our various governments and secret services are clearly illegal and unconstitutional and we therefore have every right of self-defence, especially if it can be done so peacefully and without breaking any valid laws that I'm aware of.The good news is: Every source of negative energy just like those towers, once lovingly adorned with a proper orgone-ite device, turns into a powerful orgone generator, even more than if the malevolent thing had never been built. Many far eastern martial arts traditions like AIKIDO have this element of turning the adversary's energy against himself. Accomplished psychics with the ability to see Auras (practically every African traditional healer has that gift and will deliver a full and accurate diagnose of all your ills and your medical history by just looking at you) report the Aura of a "fired up" cellphone tower to look like a flattened melon of black radiance, criss-crossed by veins of even blacker blackness. Gifting the towers visibly (for these gifted and trained people) lifts the oppressive veil and turns the ambience into shining blue freshness. (even sensible to me)It's fun to be an orgone guerrilla and much less hazardous than the old Che Guevara style...Check this page often to keep track of our progress in neutralising this evil network.(Gifting Microwave transmitters with orgonite devices does not impede any legitimate functions these may have)The map below gives you an overview of our efforts in Southern Africa

Map of our early orgonite gifting 2002

the blue dots are gifted sites, flags are Cloud-BustersThe 14 CBs that our friend A. has put up in Botswana are not shown on this map.The Pic below show the status quo in December 2002. I'm happy to report a difference has been made.

orgonite gifting up to dec 2002

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