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A visit to Credo Mutwa

24 March 2003

Last Friday I was finally able to fulfil a long held dream: Thanks to the generous sponsorship of 1 forum member, I presented a CB to Credo Mutwa, the official keeper of the history and healer of the Zulu nation. I had been in contact with him since October 2001, visiting him a few times after a common trip north to a Place called Gianni, in connection with a later abandoned project to create a cultural village and conference centre. Credo had been very reclusive lately and limited the contact with white people to the absolute minimum. He has been very ill with old-age diabetes and was generally in a sober mood.I feel, that it is the general state of affairs about his people, his culture that inspires an almost holy anger in him.However, the prospect of bringing him some gifts inspired the courage in me to try and probe this veil of silence. I also had - since last October - a T2 Zapper from Don, which Don had donated, together with a letter by Don with some photos from Carol's trip to Kenia to hand over. So, I was very excited, when I finally got an appointment for Friday 3pm. I was also quite anxious. What would the wise old man say about all these gadgets, I was planning to show to him, and the strange activities I was going to tell him about? Credo Mutwa gets a cloudbuster

The CB was very well received and will stay in position, at a long overdue location, just west of Pretoria in a still rural area. I showed Credo the Power Wand and he confirmed the strong energy emanating from it, but he didn't really know what to do with it. His main interest instead focussed on a giant SP crystal, which I had brought as another present. He asked me to press the tip of the crystal to various parts of his skull and forehead. He reported different very strong reactions at the various spots. In the back of the skull he said it triggered strong visions. In the middle of the Skull (on top where a baby's skull is still open) he said it felt like the energy was streaming into the brain as if through a giant open hole. Other spots reactivated memories, sensations of taste or hearing.He then proceeded to ask his assistant, Virginia, to conduct an experiment with him. Pressing the tip of the SP to his forehead, he asked her to hold a corresponding crystal (not SP) to hers.He then concentrated on transmitting various thought forms to her, which she received with 100% accuracy. He was very reinvigorated and excited about all this and what I told him about our activities. BTW this experience proves Don's point about none of the established inventions becoming obsolete, just because something new is coming up.... After these experiments, Credo said something very moving and encouraging to me: " you are going far into the future - may I come with you?" Of course I said yes, not believing what he'd just said. At least he was not contemplating his own death anymore! Credo showed me a photo of a device he had built many years ago which apparently produces a strong healing energy field and measurable "free energy" effects. I will post a photo soon. It is a globe of strong copper rods, with various crystals, a bowl of brass, filled with marula juice and a coil around the foot. The thing was able to light up the bulb of torchlight at a distance and the coil would get hot when the marula juice was filled in. It is not a chemical battery though, as some might think now. This knowledge has been handed down over MILENNIA. ("The Zulu kings loved to dabble with electricity", Credo said to me on another occasion long time ago ) Credo refers to it as "the holy knowledge". We decided to build two specimen of this beautyful device together - one for each of us - very soon. I left in singing and dancing mode, in the hope to continue this soon. Georg

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