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Disabling the Kruger Barrier I - The Leg Work

23 Dec 2003 Horrifying news about the impending drought catastrophe for large and agriculturally critical parts of South Africa is being touted by the concerted press in our country again.


Typical Headline: Here The Citizen from 18 Dec 2003.This is the same as a year ago when we beat the crap out of them and they had to admit that "El Nino" hadn't really kicked in the way it was predicted (read: HAARP hadn't worked all as planned)In discussions with Don Croft during our trip to Uganda in November the idea had been developed that probably the major HAARP facilities are located along the coastline of Kwa Zulu Natal. (North- and South coast) as well as along the Kruger National Park in the North of the country.


Map of South Africa: The darkened blots (yellow background) indicate suspected HAARP blocking zones.This would be an explanation for the fact that massive deployment of orgonite devices had not led to the consistent increase in rainfall that was the objective of the exercise in the first place.This despite the fact that the energy over the places we had treated previously had visibly changed.

Something is blocking the moisture from the Indian Ocean from coming in!

We decided to split the task in two.First the Area of Eastern Mpumalanga and the South-Eastern Limpopo Province and then the Natal Coastline.This report is about the first part of this effort, from which we expect the final turnaround in terms of the on-going weather warfare in Southern Africa.

Doing the leg work

My "comrade in arms" Trevor and I took off on the afternoon of the 18th. "Armed" with 170 TBs, 1 HHG and 12 "Etheric Pipe Bombs" for water treatment. Also in our arsenal a 7-pipe-spiced-up-cloud-buster for final deployment in the Timbavati conservation area near Kruger Park.On our way to the area we travelled along the N4 to Nelspruit. Right at the beginning the menacing silhouette of Kendal Power Station caught our attention.We took the first off-ramp and found our way through various country roads. The atmosphere was very negative, with yellowish sulphuric smoke bellowing out of the 2 high smokestacks into a dirty brown-grey sky. DOR DeLuxe, I thought. Since the Power plant is fenced off and tightly secured we had no choice but to widely surround the complex with gifts, in this case forming the 2 parts of a triangle. (Due to road access restrictions) While doing this we discovered a pond not far off. Since Don alerted me to the fact that often secret mini nuke plants are hidden under coal or oil fired plants, I immediately thought of a cooling pond. The pond had a bad smell and stagnant unhealthy water with much algae growth.Pendulum dowsing* indicated that this could be true. We gifted the pond with 2 "etheric pipe bombs" (no explosives involved, for those new to this effort) The energy surge was immediate and powerful. I have recently developed or rediscovered new energy sensitivity in the legs. Whenever some significant gifting happens, especially in connection with underground bases and the like, I get a tingling sensation in my legs. Strongest in the feet and reaching up to the knees approximately. *Pendulum dowsing is a technique to access our higher intuition, or subconscious way of knowing things. You ask a clearly stated "yes or no" type question and see what answer the pendulum suggests. You can "calibrate" your pendulum by thinking or saying the word "yes" repeatedly. The reaction will be your personal "yes"in the future. Likewise for "no" and "no answer". While dowsing is not always accurate it is a sure way to overcome mental blockages and reach better results by trusting intuitive guidance. On this trip we used dowsing to decide almost every aspect of the work we were doing, except for the formulation of the overall strategic objective. The results were very positive.Even hotter was the optical display that we were granted by the operators (guardian spirits or angels, Trevor calls them "Tachini"). Trevor said that these benevolent entities often express their gratitude in the form of displaying extraordinary luminosity.Well, that's what we got.


The brown grey muck has disappeared and even the exhaust from the stacks looks healthy now. Sorry, I failed to take a photo here the treatment. The photo fails to convey the atmosphere of extreme happiness and luminosity that was present at the scene after gifting.


The sky changed completely within a few minutes. A postcard sunset rounding off the picture.The night was spent at a campsite with our friend Christo, who contributed a few first positive observations about his new cloud-buster. He had had a very peculiar rainfall that was centered around the CB with a radius of only 500m just recently. Also on a mental level the CB had worked "wonders" to smoothen his relationship with his Ex, that had been quite strained after they separated recently, still running the business together.As we passed trough Nelspruit we saw ugly chemtrails, but as the day progressed with intense gifting etc., they dissolved quickly, forming into puffy cumulus along the patterns by the chemtrails and then differentiating into more vivid patterns.


Chemtrails in Nelspruit area.We busted our way to Malelane Gate, the southernmost entrance to the Kruger, thoroughly gifting the township of Ka Nyamazane on the way, a typically tower-strewn former black Homeland area with lots of HAARP arrays, among them one of major size. Before the trip I had dowsed the likely locations of HAARP stations and so far that proved pretty accurate.There was a fat one near Malelane Gate but unfortunately it's importance to the "other side" was confirmed by far reaching fencing and locked gates.This is not a problem in general, just forces us to expend more ammo to achieve the same effect. An array that would normally be "pacified" with 3-4 tower-busters close by will need about 10 or so if they have to be placed at greater distance. In this case, especially if we can't surround a target practically, it has proven effective to string out a row of 10 or so at a spacing of 250m or so.The amount can be approximated by dowsing. (Put 2 more than the pendulum suggests is my motto) We cut through the Kruger in order to come out at Numbi Gate near Hazyview, the next target area. The landscape there was extremely dry and all animals were in hiding.Progressing this way through to Hoedspruit, we busted all the major HAARP arrays* and most freestanding single towers, though we left some of the "singles" in order to save time and "ammunition".*Two "cell phone" towers standing at close proximity can apparently already produce the directed beams typical for HAARP's capacity to heat up any desired spot in the atmosphere with directed microwave beams. If you see groups of 3, suspiciously often in sparsely populated rural areas, it's most certainly HAARP. In any case, gifting the stuff is never wrong since the single ones also contribute to maintaining the sickening anti-life DOR field. The night was spent in a B&B at Hoedspruit.In the morning we did the local towers there and paid a visit to Hoedspruit Airforce Base, notorious for its involvement in weather-control activities. The HAARP stuff there is very well visible, but security is tight and fencing wide and far around the base.We had to give it a HHG and a "string" of 8 TBs, being suspiciously watched by the armed guard at the gate. (He didn't see what and where we deployed stuff, yet was off course wondering why we drove all the way up to the gate and then made no effort to enter, just doing his job of course..)Next major target was indicated by dowsing at Phalaborwa. After a somewhat monotonous ride through fenced off game reserves, mostly straight road through almost entirely flat acacia bushveld, we saw some supersized eerie mountains coming up. Mine dumps!We felt magically attracted to the site's bad vibes. The hunters' instinct was fully a flare.We found our way through the industrial area onto the mining terrain, operated by a company called FOSKOR it was a huge opencast phosphor mining operation.The highest mine dump had a lot of masts on top and was luckily marked as a "viewing spot".We were able to drive up there unchallenged and lay out some gifts.


Giant mine dump with masts on top, who wouldn't try to get on top?While the transmission equipment there looked rather harmless at closer inspection. (some of it apparently powered by solar panels) There was a strange hum in the air, as if from the ventilation of something inside the huge artificial mountain. An underground base?Dowsing it with the pendulum "confirmed" this assumption. (I have decided to neither believe nor disbelieve the results of dowsing, just use them as a working hypothesis unless other considerations forbid. In this case our assumption was confirmed a few weeks later by a man with secret service contacts)The result of gifting was a perceptible energy surge and a huge blue hole.


Rather harmless looking hardware, but it seems there was something underneath. I tried to capture the blue hole with a 360 turn around swoop with my tiny digital camera, but had to erase that later because it clogged up all the space in my camera.



A landscape transformed by man. Impressive but also frightening.Another Hilltop Array became visible from our excellent vantage point but proved all but inaccessible from the mining territory. After trying this way and that and encountering mega size (about 10 meters high) dump trucks while not getting closer, we finally reverted to the already proven technique of stringing the gifts out. The downside of this technique is the heavy drawdown on ammo, but sometimes there's no other way.This done we progressed to Tzaneen, where we essentially disabled one major HAARP transmission tower and a few singles, only to discover a huge installation on a faraway mountain ridge.Phew! I thought in anticipation of the long search for the site in the woods, on bad forestry tracks, with the already strained vehicle.Trevor got very excited about going there and dowsing suggested that it was important.Reluctantly I agreed. It took us about 4 hours in total and a lot of cursing and swearing on my side because my brave Pajero "Miss Bitchi" took a few more knocks in the process we finally did 2 major mountaintop arrays that were both worth the hassle on their own.


Magoebaskloof hilltop array 1One of them had a fortified bunker-like structure, strongly suggesting military use.


Magoebaskloof Hiltop Array 2Just before darkness we exited the forest and rolled in direction of our next overnight stay in Timbavati game reserve near Hoedspruit.

The darkened background shows area of this recent adventure

Miss Bitchi the unsung hero

During the whole trip Miss Bitchi was plagued by various ailments that may have been designed to slow us down, such as abnormal loss of transmission fluid which necessitated a "blood transfusion" essentially every 200km. Then we had an electrical failure in the scorching heat. Suddenly the car went dead in the middle off climbing a hill far away from any support or available help she went electrically dead. Turned out that some cable insulations had melted and caused a short, blowing the main fuse.We found it and fixed it in a relatively short time, since that type of slowdown interference has already become a trademark of our trips, whenever we are nearing an important target or are about to accomplish something. No time for that nonsense of course, but it is hard to refute the tempting thought that all these seemingly unrelated occurrences are obstacles thrown in our way by the dark forces.In vain or course...

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