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Nov 17, 2009

Christmas is coming on rapidly

And what could be more appropriate as a gift than life giving Orgone-ite* from Orgonise Africa?

Don't chastise me for talking about christmas so early. I know, we all hate those reindeers that are showing their red noses in malls and department stores already in the middle of October. (don't even mention the "muzak" that goes with it, "jingle bells, jingle bells...")

are they bringing orgonite and orgone zappers?

Are they bringing orgone-ite* and orgone zappers this time?

Fact is that most of you, my dear customers, live somewhere far away from us South Africans and postal mail takes it's time to reach you. As you may know, we always use the good old post office and not the fancy and much more expensive courier companies for our shipping . It has proven to be the best cost / performance ratio over the years and we like "one stop shopping" as much as anyone else. Against common belief 99.5% of all parcels do arrive within reasonable time. The odd ones that get lost once in a while are on us. That means we replace or refund them to you and then wait a year or two for the postal insurance to pay out. (just joking)

Basically we have three options:

  • Surface Mail - the grandmother of all shipping methods. It's incredibly slow but very cheap (relatively spoken) and the stuff really arrives, believe it or not! Times are totally unpredictable and range from 4-12 weeks. Sometimes a customer has been lucky and surface mail arrived in 5 days because they used some excess airfreight capacity. Normally surface mail really travels by ship! Use this if you want to order large and heavy items like cloud busters, 1000s of TBs and the like. It's economical and we guarantee the receipt of your wares, albeit not the transit times (we couldn't, even if we tried) If you order something you want for Christmas by surface mail, you are gambling your luck already. I'd says the chance is 80% that it would still arrive in time oif you order today, but you cannot count on it, ok!
  • Airmail - That used to be the fast option when our parents were young. It's still reasonably fast but like all things postal, it is not very predictable. We hear mostly of those who get delayed because the other 99% are happy and say nothing. From our experience we can say that anything between 5-28 days can happen. To most international destinations including North America, Western Europe or Australia/New Zealand and some Asian destinations (Hongkong and Singapoore for example), 1-2 weeks is typical, but you cannot rely on it. If you want a fair 99% chance to receive your Orgonise Africa gifts in time, you'd definitely have to order before or on 25 November.
  • EMS - This is quite a nifty service offered by the post office these days. It's called "Expedited Mail Service" and it's somewhere between a full courier service and airmail. In the US the corresponding postal service is called "Global Express". Runtimes are mostly 4-5 working days. (add working days for our order processing) It is more trackable than postal items. (please don't ask me about tracking of postal items internationally - it's a nightmare and the best thing is to just sit an wait) The initial costs for small percels are much higher than airmail, so for single zappers and other small orders, airmail is still the best. But as soon as the weight gets a bit higher, EMS is only slighty more expensive than Airmail. If you make up your mind late about your christmas order, that will be your only chance to get it in time. I'd say 12 December is a reasonable cut-off date wher I can still promiose 99% chance of receiving it in time.

Generally you must understand that shipping is subject to the performance of a lot of third parties over whom we have no control. For most of you our parcels will be foreign parcels and these are subject to customs clearance. This can sometimes cause delays. We send them out with the required documentation to the best of our knowledge but delays can happen. Don't get scared now! This is business as usual and you have our full guarantee for the receipt of your orders. In the very rare case that it really doesn't arrive, we resend or refund without fuss.

Exciting new and improved products just in time for the day of giving

Innovation and improvement is what every successful enterprise thrives on. Orgonise Africa is no exception to that rule. We constantly strive to improve how we make things so that they look nicer and work better.

New African Muti Orgone-ite* HHG:

African muti in orgonite HHG

New finish African Muti Orgone-ite* HHG - the contiuous overglaze just looks stunning Previously the Making of the Muti HHG was not so simple as the decorative inlays tended to shift in the mould or cause bubbles or holes. We have (after a year of experimentation) found a potter who could make us sufficiently smooth and even conical porcellaine moulds. This is also benefiting the looks of our Standard HHGs tremendously. I think this is a beautiful Christmas present for anybody, even if they don't know anything about Orgone-ite*, don't you? As you may know, Muti is African Tradional medicine and works on a vibratory level just like healing stones or other things that may be added to Orgone-ite*. The herbal muti we use is made by our friend Dr. Chipangula, the president of the Traditional Healers Council of Malawi, a body that represents all of the 200 000 traditional healers in that sunny and friendly country. The muti protects against black magic and witchcraft and furthers general wellbeing and prosperity. What more can you want?

The Muti Orgonite Brick

The Orgone-ite* Muti Brick with a full size SBB coil and north facing neodymium magnet combines the idea of the St. Buster's Button (SBB) with the Muti Orgone-ite*.

muti orgonite, orgonite and traditional african medicine

The Muti Orgone-ite* brick comes in a beautiful African printed fabric bag It is larger than the similar rectangular amulett and hence much stronger.

The Muti Orgone-ite* Brick is a powerful hands-on healing tool and generally feels so good to have around. I can hardly imagine a nicer Christmas gift than this powerful and decorative piece of orgone art with a distinctly African feel.

The new Howitzer Unit / Simple Zapper combo

Finally we've had a box made for us that accomodates both functions in one device. You can use this to power any pulsed orgone emitting contraption such as any of our wands (Except the PW deLuxe that has it's own inbuilt zapper unit) or SP crystal and our Howitzers (the unit will included there in the future). not an orgone zapper, but versatile hulda clark parasite zapper and howitzer- miniwand driver

This sexy red box allows you to power your Wand, Howitzer or SP 24/7 from a 9 or 12V wall transformer. The Howitzer Unit has a DC socket to allow you to hook up your orgone pulser to a wall transformer and run it without battery. Presently we are not selling the transformers yet, because our customers live in so many different parts of the world with different electricity systems etc. Get one at the nearest electronic shop, that should not be difficult. The socket is pretty standard, so if you take the unit along you should find one that fits. (Most of the cheap Chinese ones now come with multiple adaptors so one should fit.

New beautiful Orgone-ite* Pendants

Friederike has also come up with some nice new pendants and I believe she will surprise us with a few more artistic creations soon. She has mastered the technique of making very small SBB coils, so all the small pendants have an embedded Coil now for much enhanced orgone power. You should wear this on your heart chakra, as it will be greatly stimulated by the orgone life force of these beautiful little things. Different healing stone additions emphazise different aspects of healing of course.

Check these out, the detailed description of ingedients is on the website when you follow the links.

The small Sugilite Orgone-ite* Pendant

Orgone-ite* pendant with SBB coil and sugilite

The new Sugilite Orgone-ite* pendant

Sugilite is one of the most recently discovered and rarest gemstone minerals known to man. It's rich shades of purple instantly made it a highly sought after and revered gemstone. It is only found near Kuruman in the Kalahari semi desert (increasingly lush and green thanks to our continued gifting efforts) We received a few large blocks of it from our friend, the poet and minerals collect Donald Rikiert

. Orgone friend sand minerals collector Donal Rikiert - the poet of the Kalahari

Donald Riekiert - the poet of the Kalahari

Sugilite can help to clear the mind, making the way open for the rising of consciousness. It is also beneficial in opening and centering of the Heart Chakra. No wonder, you will want one of these for yourself and one each for all your loved ones!

Small Lapis Lazuli Orgone-ite* Pendant

Lapis Lazuli is often referred to as the stone of truth. Worn on the throat chakra, it helps to speak out long withheld issues that have been "stuck in your throat" for too long.

Small Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pendant

Lapis lazuli - strengthens authenticity and truthfulness.

On a more corporeal level it helps with all afflictions in the throat area, lowers blood pressure and slows down hormonal cycles.

Last but not least: Our Christmas gift to you!

christmas is orgonite gifting time

Christmas is orgone-ite gifting time

Yes, we want you to order big this time, recession or no recession!

That's why we make our Christmas gift bigger as your order get's bigger. For all of you, even with the smallest order there is a gift of 10% off all purchases when you use the Christmas gift coupon "Christmas" until bold 25 November.

And when you make up your mind and order for more than 2500 Rand (approximately 230 Euro or 345 US dollar) you can punch in "Superchristmas" and get 15% off all the goodies you load onto the reindeer's back. If you want get adventurous, put in an order for more than 5000 Rand 460 Euro or 690 US dollars punch in "Megachristmas" and receive a full 20% discount on all your orgone-ite and zappers.

In order to redeem these coupons, you have to punch in the appropriate coupon code in the coupon redemption field on the second checkout page where you chose your payment method.

Zapper discount extended another week!

Since it took me so long to describe and upload all the new products (first had to photograph them of course) this post is going out towards the intended closure of our attractive 20% discount on all zapper products. Many of you will therefore not even have noticed this opportunity. This is particularly hot for all resellers, health shop owners and group orders.

orgone zapper eldorado with orgonite, 24 ct gold contacts

A precious gift - The Eldorado Gold Orgone Zapper

They combine with the standard bulk discounts and the christmas gift coupons. So you can reap an - for a very limited time only - unheard off 60% discount on our zappers if you order this week in some quantity, ending Sunday 22nd of November. Stocks may run low during this unique promotion, so don't wait too long or you may have to wait a bit longer for your large order to be filled.

An example:

The Standard Orgone Zapper costs approx 64.34 US dollar normally (already a very, very attractive price, I think. The US dollar price is only indicative and fluctuates with Rand/Dollar exchange rates btw.) With the 20% zapper discount that will be only U$51.47

If you buy 30 or more, this goes down to U$30.88. Apply the "Mega Christmas" coupon to that and it's a mere U$24.70.

Pssssst....! Let's do this quickly before Friederike finds out.

She has not allowed me to ever sell an orgone zapper for under 30 U$, no matter what quantity.

And I will not repeat this opportunity or hold it open longer for any one, not even our dearest longstanding wholesale customers.

You snooze-you lose, that's it! Basta, finito, ok?

Woohoo, this has become a long one. I hope you're still with me!

I enjoyed writing it and I hope that somehow shows between the lines.

I thank you all for your continued support in gratitude,

Georg and the The Orgonise Africa Team.

*"orgonite", the term commonly used to describe the orgone generating mix of resin and small metal particles has been trademarked by its alleged inventor Karl Welz who recently had about 40 of our products, that were using "orgonite" in the name or description removed from Ebay. In order to avoid further unneccessary conflict, we are now using the form "orgone-ite" in our product descriptions. The worldwide community of "orgonite" gifters and experimenters is all about open source shared knowledge, but sadly Mr. Welz believes that hanging on to his measly copyright which was obtained without consulting the then already substantial network of "orgonite"-experimenters is a great idea. May he live happily ever after!

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