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Dec 26, 2007


It is obvious how the legend of oil scarcity benefits the agenda of the self proclaimed elite. The truth is very different from the picture of us running out of oil reserves in the near future.

Firstly of course we wouldn't need oil for transport at all if all the free energy inventions from Tesla, Townsend-Brown, T. Henry Moray, the Pons and Fleischmann discovery of cold fusion and many others had not been so ruthlessly supressed by the same Kabal. The only real use for oil is to make plastics and maybe some lubricants. Since anti-gravity propulsion is the real state of the art and not combustion engines with all their movable parts that need to be lubricated, the need for those would also be limited to some industrial machinery. If the perspective of supressed technologies that could have replaced our oil burning entropy-based technology decades ago sounds surprising or new to you, I recommend the very handy and well researched Book by Gerry Vasiliotis "Lost Science". It's one of my favourite books.


Secondly, oil is not scarce at all, nor is it a fossil fuel. The Russians knew it all along and it is actually tacitly admitted in the English word "mineral oil". Oil is produced from non-organic sources in the crust of the earth due to as yet unknown processes and oil resources are constantly being replenished from those deep underground sources. Most major oil producing countries, especialy Russia have upped their estimated reserves dramatically in the last few years. This could be linked to the fascinating theory of the growing earth*. Just use plain common sense to ask yourself if a thin layer of rotting dinosaur corpses could have ever produced enough slimy goo to make up for all the mineral oil we've been pumping for the last 100 years. You got it-it's another bull$§8t story.


For a more in-depth discussion of the peak oil myth check

So, another pillar of the fear based spell the illuminati are holding us in, blows away like chaff in the wind an

d the mighty emperor stands without clothes as the illusion of power wanes. All the stories we grew up with and that were engraved into our minds as given and unquestionable facts are becomming transparent and lose their magical power. We live in very interesting and exciting times indeed.


Orgonite helps dissipate the fog that has kept us spellbound for so long. Only depressed minds vibrating at very low frequencies can take all the BS and believe it is reality.


Welcome to my happy new universe of unlimited possibilities and no fear!


Merry Christmas




*due to the fact that orgone has the anti-entropic trend to accumulate, the earth becomes bigger. All continents fit almost seamlessly on a much smaller Earth. Indeed matter is constantly being created out of the orgone matrix or call it the quantum fluctuation if you prefer to use a lingo more aligned with the present scientific debate. The theory of orgone lumping together and accumulating the mass of stars and planets has been briefly discussed in Wilhelm Reich's "Cosmic Superimposition". Professor Konstantin Meyl of Germany is a big proponent. He calls the massless particles of potential energy that constantly bolster the earth's volume "neutrinos". Same thing. See also here: for Lawrence S. Myers'

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