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Free State orgonite gifted again- Confirmations galore

From 8-12 February 2004 we did another foray into the Free State province of South Africa, following reports of ongoing drought.We had brought 2 orgonite-cloud-busters, to be donated to local farmers in the much affected area along the Lesotho Border, from Ficksburg to Ladybrand and Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.Our previous orgonite gifting trips there had improved the situation but not yet lead to the expected breakthrough.Especially our dear farmer and vocal warner against weather control Eddie von Maltitz had still not gotten sufficient rain. More "firepower" was definitely needed in the area.We took approximately 400 TBs and about 30 of our new "Etheric Stick-Handgrenades". I was accompanied by my friend Kevin, a seasoned over-lander and always ready for an interesting adventure.A friend had given us the address of an organic farmer in the area, JM. We left early sunday morning.A quick detour led via Parys and the Deep Level Gold mining operations around Welkom/Virginia.

This is were the orgonite magic started!

After busting many towers near mineshafts in this area, we saw wonderful vortices and swirls developing in the air.

Swirling clouds

One particular big one seemed to be very far to the east. Shaped like a slow tornado it was like a giant cone standing on it's tip.

Vortex forming in the distance

Beginning of Vortex forming in the far distance

Vortex growing

It's getting stronger

A nagging qüstion started besetting me: Could this be Eddie's CB, so far held down by overpowering DOR from the mining area? Could our work here have an effect over 70 km? We had placed it there in December 2002 but it had never really unfolded it's full potential.I trained the GPS to point at Eddie's place and - Wow! - it pointed directly at the giant swirl!This was confirmed as we drove along further south. The GPS arrow still pointed at the Swirl...

Vortex from closer up

The Vortex from much closer up (hours later)

Interesting swirls in the periphery of giant vortex

heart of the vortex

The heart of the vortex We spent the night at the wonderful Farmhouse of JM. Our agitated talks over a lovely improvised dinner revealed very sympathetic ideas about almost every topic we touched. J and his wife V are very versed in the inflünce of subtle energies on agriculture, fertility, weather etc.

Guest cottage we stayed in

Our little guest cottage at JM's farm The next day (09.02) was spent in busting some towers in the area, among them 2 formidable multitower HAARP arrays with difficult access via hard-to-find dirt roads and partly over private farmland which caused some understandable anxiety in Kevin. We extended our foray into nearby Maseru, the capital of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

Large HAARP tower in multi tower array

Fat HAARP tower in large multi tower array

Blue hole forming after orgonite busting

Blue hole forming after the array is busted

In the late afternoon we delivered the 2nd CB to a friend of JM, RVR on J's suggestion chosen as the recipient of the second CB "To space them out a bit" (That's how good J has already taken in the whole story). The meeting was brief because we were late and he had some urgent work to do. He called us later to say that he was very excited and wanted us to come back the next day for some longer explanation of what this was all about. We decided to stay a day longer and do some more work in the area and come back to them in the course of that day.In the morning of the 10th we visited Eddie, who has some interesting new political plans and was otherwise very much his own enthusiastic self. Since he has been observing the devastating effects of weather control by the dark side since the 1970s and suffered personal economic ruin from it he is watching our efforts with an understandable friendly skepticism. Convincing him that our stuff works is a major objective for me, as he will bring a lot of the more conservative farmers along once he is satisfied.Driving through the countryside, we found that after our dramatic (weather-wise) arrival the other side was launching an all out "no holds barred" attack to suppress the good energy.

Chemtrail whiteout

Full chemtrail whiteout on 10th of February

Dissolving chemtrails after orgonite gifting

Chemtrails dissolving We went on busting and visited another interested Farmer in the area, with whom we had a very interesting chat. It is amazing to see how well informed a lot of these independent rugged people are, who live so far off from the major centers in apparent isolation.In the late affternoon we went back to JVR, were we had a chance to give a bit of a demonstration of how to disperse HAARP ripples with the cloud-buster.

Blue hole formed in HAARP clouds by orgonite chembuster

Hole blown into HAARPy cloud with cloud-buster.The day ended with a wonderful vegetarian meal of tasty organically grown farm produce.On the 11th we finally went on our way home,knowing that a great part of the work was still in front of us.Busting our way through the area on different back roads, we went through Taba N'chu, former capital of a so called homeland for Sotho speaking people through Botshabelo to Bloemfontein, administrative capital of the Free State province.Both Taba N'chu and Botshabelo presented an absolutely crazy amassment of microwave transmitters, confirming our impression that these are always triple concentrated in mostly black areas.

rippled cloud behind HAARP array

HAARP array on hilltop near Taba N'chu. Note the rippled cloud. It dissolved right after we had finished with the town including this array.The intended suppression of the black people's strong spirituality seems to be the main reason for this.We did Bloemfontein, noting that apart from a very impressive array on a prominent koppie, called "Naval Hill", there were much fewer towers in this neat afrikaans dominated town than in the much smaller towns of Botshabelo or Taba N'chu. While we were busy, rain clouds were forming rapidly and rain started to come down in substantial amounts. The way back to Johannesburg (tossing out our last TBS to neutralise some towers along the highway) was through an intense "cats-and-dogs" downpour with low visibility that lasted up to Kroonstad.Subseqünt inquiries a few days later revealed that our new farmer-friends had gotten less dramatic effects but nice drizzles every evening since.We shall have to watch for the longer term changes in atmospheric conditions.I am sure that JM will take up the fight by himself and finish the work in his area and beyond.

Map showing the orgone gifting effort in the Free State

Free State Busted - Blue dots indicate gifted sites, flags indicate cloud-buster positions

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