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Orgonite Tour Mozambique

27 July 2004

Day 1 and 2: Getting there and orgonite gifting Maputo

When we approached the Mozambican border on 08 July, a wall of negative energy seemed to tower in front of us. The cloud formations looked gooey and held in place by means of electromagnetic fields, which we shall further refer to as HAARP for simplicity's sake.My heart was dropping down to about knee height: Would be able to make a difference here with our modest arsenal of 200TBs, a few water busters and two cloud-busters?At first we passed Maputo on our way to the first overnight stop, a camping ground 40km north of Maputo. Of course all the death ray emitters along the way (of which there were many) were treated in the usual way.In the evening we erected one of our CBs for the time of the stay. Even this little "foreplay" already resulted in an un-seasonal drizzle rain, which lasted the whole night. (Not nice for Camping, but so what...)Next morning Katharina (my 9 year old daughter) and I went to bust Maputo and surrounds while the others (Friederike and Bella, our 7 year old daughter and neighbour's son Dylan, 9) stayed at the camping ground.Despite the initial cleaning effect of our approach Maputo's sky was covered with poisonous chemcrud (chemtrail slime), HAARP-ed into a rippled carpet.Luckily this was to change significantly in the course of the day as visible result and confirmation of our work. To witness something like this is always creating a euphoric mood bu difficult to document. It would need an experienced filmmaker in order to reproduce the 4 dimensional space time experience of such a gradual transformation. He would even have to have an idea of what to expect in order to get the right camera angles in advance etc. I hope that the following pictures and comments will give at least an idea of the process.

orgonite can fix that: HAARP over Maputo

Dense HAARP- Chemsoup, here above a transmitter mast

Orgonite at work, HAARP cloud dissolving

Typical HAARP cloud, already somewhat dissolved

The HAARP clouds in the foreground are already in dissolution, behind still the dense carpet as initially found everywhere

orgonite is so good: HAARP cloud dissolves

HAARP carpet dissolving

Hotel Costa Do Sol, a landmark situated at the end of the Maputo beach road serves tasty seafood dishes. We had a nice lunch break there.

Orgonite does it again: clouds in transformation

Transformation of clouds in full swing: In the Background luminescent cumulus clouds, in the fore dissolution of HAARP carpet and beginning of Vortex formation.

Orgonite makes these nice clouds wherever you put lots of it, really

Looking back at Maputo, we saw healthy cumulus cloud and some remaining mist from the previously omnipresent chemtrail-/ HAARP carpet.

DOR dissolving

"Energy flares" dissolve DOR based "false" clouds. I see that almost every time when out busting.

cumulus clouds forming behind trees

Between the trees: Forming of vertical cumulus cloud (thunderhead) in front of remaining chemcrud in the background.

chemtrails dissolving as cumulus forms

An etheric Battle rages: healthy cumulus and dissolving chemcrud.

HAARP cloud disappears as orgonite does its work

A telling picture, showing how the "false" HAARP cloud dissolves under impact of orgone energy.

a simple home in poorer Maputo

Driving through the poorer suburbs of Maputo, we found that the people live in relative paradise compared to many South African slums. Surely I'm a hopeless romantic saying something like this...Every family lives in their vegetable orchard and sells their product right at the doorstep.The simple homesteads are surrounded by neatly trimmed thorn bush hedges.

A rather well preserved Soviet star on a large roundabout near the airport reminds of the recent past of Mozambique as a "client state" of the East Block. One sees many other touching leftovers of that time and Soviet and East German kitsch elements of all kinds all over the country..

Major HAARP installation orgone gifted

Here we finally found major HAARP installation No. 1. It was of course surrounded with a pearl necklace of TBs immediately.

both HAARP and cumulus clouds

Both types of clouds to be seen at the same time.

Another HAARP installation

HAARP installation II did not escape our scanning eyes for long either and was adequately treated.

dark road at night

After that we went on to the "MOZAL" Aluminium smelter, hailed as the pride of Mozambique's recent economic boom.Coincidentally a major DOR emitter like all plants or installations that use or produce large quantities of electricity, not even to mention the poisoning of the small river it uses for cooling. This together with the related electrical relay station was our last major target for the day and it had already become dark in the meantime.

beautiful pink and purple sunset

On the way there we saw this post card sunset

stunning blue and purple sunset

Of course one can still spot a lot of HAARP influence in the sky, but I see the wonderful luminescence in the atmosphere as a sign of increasing orgonisation.Next morning we decided to leave the CB with the very nice owner of the camping ground, who had shown keen interest in the device. She promised to let us have the results of her observations. (She records rainfall since years) I wanted to have it rather stationed in Maputo but the contact person we had planned to ask to host it was unreachable.

Day 3-12: Vilankulos Inhambane and back

HAARP clouds near Xai-Xai

Receding HAARP carpet near Xai-Xai Driving North we found a layer of HAARPed cloud always receding in front of us. Towers were at first spaced in about 10 km intervals, always grouped in pairs both sides of the road. These intervals were widening as we drove further north.

HAARP clouds, chemtrails

The HAARP carpet was consistent along the whole road We entered Vilankulos at night. Again it was a feeling as if hitting a solid wall of negativity. The air was filled with acrid smoke from numerous coal burning fires, burning in the eyes as we came in.Since the local HAARP array was easily spotted in the centre of town, we hit it right on arrival with one of our last TBs. Interestingly I never noticed the same level of pollution again during our 5 day stay.The extreme negativity of Vilankulos despite its paradise style visual setting was later confirmed by a long term resident who told us that all people staying there longer than 3 months typically got depressions after a while. She said that V. was sitting on a negative Ley-Line.While Mozambicans are normally a mellow and friendly bunch, the atmosphere between mostly white tourists and the population in Vilankulos was rather tense and with an undercurrent of aggression we found. Complex reasons for that I'm sure...We sure hope to have infused some positivity into that conduit.

3 kids sitting in a boat

Tourist image 1: The kiddos on traditional fishing dhow

Leeward beach of Benguerra, beautiful blue water

Tourist image 2: Leeward beach of Benguerra island Near our Campsite we found a sign saying "medico tradicional", meaning traditional doctor, so of we went in search of a suitable custodian for our CB.While verbal communication was difficult, the atmosphere was relaxed as we waited outside and watched the family pounding sorghum in a traditional mortar and pestle.

Alexander the traditional healer

We received a full treatment from Alexander, the traditional healer, including a cleansing wash in wonderfully smelling herbs. Unfortunately all predictions and advice that resulted from the traditional practice of "throwing the bones" were lost on us, but as far as they informed the combination of prayer, herbal treatment and ritual they were surely not in vain.We felt very elated afterwards despite many misunderstandings due to the language barrier.

Orgonite cloud buster in its new home

We finally found someone to translate from English to Portuguese. So Alexander, besides receiving an appropriate fee for the treatment, became the custodian of the Vilankulos CB.Some travellers on their way to Malawi took 3 remaining water busters (Also known as the etheric stick hand grenade) to plant them in the important save and Zambezi rivers and one into Lake Malawi.On our way back we spent 5 more days near Inhambane in another postcard setting of coconut palm lined beach. We had rain every day, totally un-seasonal, but were able to enjoy some swimming and some intermittent warm hours as well.

How this fits in the general effort

In December 2003 and January 2004 we had unlocked the rainfall by following the idea of unblocking the coastline. This had proven extremely successful as we managed to stop a terrible drought and unleash rain over most parts of Southern Africa. We had done the South African coast line from Port Shepstone to Saint Lucia, a 600 km stretch and the Whole area along the Kruger National Park.The Coast of Mozambique was therefore the only remaining place were major HAARP influence could remain. Of course it was to be assumed that most of the electromagnetic interference would be concentrated around the capital Maputo. Surely some bad spots may be remaining, especially as we did not get to the major port city Beira in the North and there may be military bases etc. in otherwise unpopulated areas. Judging from the visual confirmations that we got in dissolving the visible HAARP carpet we at least achieved "air superiority" for the time being. A good beginning I would say.

Map showing the Orgonite gifting progress of this trip

Map showing the state of orgonisation in the area under review here.

map showing the orgonite gifting effort to date

Map showing the state of orgonite distribution in Southern Africa as of today 27. 07.2004. The yellow (land) and dark blue (water) areas indicate areas well treated with orgoniteBlue dots are recorded orgonite gifts by Orgonise Africa. The other areas include those gifted by activists known to us.A lot remains to be done, especially in the western part of the country and of course past successes need to be consolidated by more CBs and orgonite gifts.I hope that a lot more activists will answer the call in the near future and help us fill in the gaps.

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