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3 Days in Cape Town

02 June 2004
An older and more experienced rainmaking colleague

Peter von Maltitz is a distant relative of Eddie von Maltitz, the well known farmer from the Free State. (see previous Reports) The split in the family tree seems to be some 5 Generations ago though and the 2 could not be more different Personalities.
Peter von Maltitz has -apart from studies in agriculture, plant pathology, antroposophic farming and homeopathy- undergone the training as a spiritual healer (Sangoma) in the Xhosa tradition and practices under the name Zanemvula, which means "He comes with the Rain" I had somehow come across him on the internet looking for his relative Eddie and corresponded a bit some time ago, also touching Credo Mutwa whom Peter also happens to know and admire. Thus I luckily landed in his Email list.
You can read more about Zanemvula and his work on his website .
So, a few days ago I received a notification that he would hold a rain calling ceremony on the Paarl Mountain near Cape Town. Spontaneously I decided to participate and bring a Cloudbuster for permanent deployment in the Cape.
Since I was somewhat late at the gathering point (I had terribly underestimated the distance from Cape Town, where I stayed, to Paarl) I had to climb up to the top alone.After a somewhat sweat drenched power hike with the 20kg Cloudbuster in my back pack, I got close to the top. The last few hundred meters I was guided to the right spot by the sound of African drums. Strange that I was soon to find nobody had actually brought drums. The sound, although clearly audible had only been in my head an yet lead me accurately to where I was to go. (No I'm obviously writing my warrant interned in a mental institution)
I had somehow expected a huge crowd of more than 100 people from the whole country and was thus a bit disappointed at first when I found only a small group of people on the rounded rock.
Zanemvula was to remark later that the 11 that we actually were exactly the right number what we intended to ask for.

Zanemvula stirring a greenish liquid in an iron pot with a forked twig.
The participants sat grouped in an approximated circle including Zanemvula who was busy stirring a greenish liquid in an iron pot with a forked twig.

Nobody said too much and so I got down to unpacking and assembling my cloud-buster under the curious glances of the other participants. I didn't want to impose myself too much and therefore placed it outside the circle.

Peter Zanemvula

Peter (Zanemvula) then asked all participants what rain meant for them. Mostly themes of fertility, relaxation or relief were mentioned. At first I didn't know what to say in order not to utter mere platitudes. But then I burst out something like:"Rain is the opposite of desert forming, desiccation and drought. since I've made it my mission to restore natural rainfall everywhere in Africa, this was the most essential thing for me." For this reason I had brought that strange contraption, of which nobody had to be afraid as it was absolutely compatible with the endeavour of this group, I continued.

I will not try to relay the whole ceremony in all detail. I can only say that it was serene and beautiful. Of great simplicity and therefore real spirituality.
Peter manages to present the spiritual and the rational realm in total harmony, an ability that I have also noticed in Credo Mutwa.
This of course in stark contrast to widely held prejudices about shamanism, animism and the like.
Some great cloud formations showed up, of the kind that we had already earlier identified as "air spirits" or "sylphs" or more precisely their physical manifestation.

Originally I had planned to hand over the CB to Zanemvula. Unfortunately it turned out that he only had a little flat in Cape Town.
So I was happy when Alfriede and her daughter Kathie, who live not far from the place of the ceremony on a farm, volunteered to host the CB.
I did a little extra round to orgonise the city of Paarl a bit and then turned up at theuir farm for a nice afternoon chat with coffee on the verandah with the two, joined by Alfriede's husband Neill.
They had already assembled the CB and found a nice place for it.

An orgonite cloud buster in its new home

After sitting on the verandah for a little more we had a nice dinner together.

I am sure that the CB is in good hands with them. Neill a Farmer and Entrepreneur who stands firmly on the ground with both legs but maintains a sceptical open mindedness towards biological farming and spiritual and natural healing issues. A good basis for meaningful observations.
At night I went back to Cape Town, not without leaving a few orgone gifts on my way through Stellenbosch, Khayelitsha and Mitchell's Plain.

The Lonesome Buster....
(Please intensely imagine Ennio Morricone's Soundtrack from "Once Upon A Time In The West" here)
The next day I spent busting the Cape Peninsula in the widest sense in my rented tin can, a Toyota Tazz. Sinne.
This was mostly unspectacular legwork (On the accelerator and brakes mostly) except for 2 highlights.
1. The Rhodes Memorial
I've had my sights set on the Arch-Illuminatus Cecil John Rhodes, destroyer of the traditional Africa and power wielding manipulator, for quite some time. (see earlier report from Zimbabwe)
It is being said that only his body lies buried in the Matopos Hills* in Zimbabwe, but his heart is kept in the Rhodes Memorial at Groote Schur Estate, which had been his residence for a long time.
*A place that had been holy to the Matabele and their predecessors and which head been known as the center of a "rain cult" of great influence and fame (a typical misunderstanding by the missionaries, as this was not a different religion but an aspect of the universal African traditional religion) that is still alive in the region with the rain sanctuary of Ingalele Rock a bit further south.Rhodes, who won the Matabeles trust and gleaned a lot of knowledge from the Sangomas of the Matabeles only to betray them terribly not much later, had this area declared a National Park which meant in effect the expulsion of the original inhabitants as he wanted to take possession of this magical peace of earth for his own dark magical purposes.
We had of course already orgonised his grave there earlier (an that of his notorious "lieutenant" Starr Leander Jameson) and now it was the turn for the other mortal remains of this restless spirit, a plan that had been on my agenda for a long time.
I ringed the Monument (very much designed to impress) wit 4 TBs and hid a HHG in a nearby shrub. May this gesture symbolically contribute to reversing some of the consequences of the great destruction of Africa by the white man and help to let something new, and alive emerge on this ancient continent, the cradle of humankind. May he rest in peace!

Further orgonite gifts were distributed in the city bowl and in the "Victoria and Alfred Waterfront" a refurbished docklands area, with new upmarket housing, attractions and commerce, very popular with tourists.

The whole time I could watch lovely sylphs in the sky.

Sylphs over V+A Waterfront and harbour

Sylphs over inner city

The air pollution in Cape town,mostly from the unregulated burning for heating and cooking of all kinds of thrash in the growing slums is substantial and heavily competed with the more positive phenomena in the sky.

Air pollution over west coast (Bloubergstrand)

2. The Koeberg nuclear power station
Towards the end of the day I drove up north via Milnerton and Bloubergstrand, where I had seen the worst air pollution from afar. This area had already been treated by trevo not long ago, so I concentrated mostly on gifting the water bodies with my "etheric stick handgrenades".
A few Gifts I did leave near Ysterplaat Airforce Base though (You never know with these things...) and a few other points on the way.

HAARPy antenni behind a fenc
Some very HAARPy antennas on Ysterplaat AFB

Koeberg should now become the adventure of the day: Under the motto "alone against the nuke" I approached the monster that was built into the sea on the beach.
It was already dark and the route from the next accessible parking was some 3-4 km long. The power station had an eerie presence by night, lit up with yellow lights and the backdrop of that dark and raging sea. On getting nearer I felt tense and anxious. What would happen if I got detected. It was almost full moon and I had the impression of seeing a large lenticular cloud, said by many of our compadres to be a sure indication of a cloaked (mostly friendly Lemurian) UFO.
That thought gave me some more courage.
I had to climb over those slippery surf breaker rocks in order to get closer and overcome a huge and grimy discharge pipe from which a tree sized jet of hoot fouls smelling water was constantly splattered onto the beach. Around the corner, still climbing over these slippery rocks, I understood the whole layout of the plant. The cooling water is being taken directly from the sea in vast amounts and pumped back at high pressure and quantity through a wide channel, separated from the intake by a quai of surf breakers, going out into the sea for a few hundred meters, this preventing the mingling of the cold intake water with the somewhat warmed exhaust water. The whole thing is pretty gigantic. I could unfortunately only reach the outlet side, where the water shot out into the sea like a river of 15-20m width. The orgonite gifts (3 "etheric stick hand grenades") will probably not last very long under these conditions and will have to be replaced soon.
I felt so much lighter when I got out of the influence of this monster machine and the torchlight beams of the (luckily) somewhat sleepy guards and, inadvertently singing and whistling, strove back towards the car. It was only on my way back, that I noticed the "No Entry" signs that forbid access even to the non-fenced periphery of the plant. Well....
The intake is unfortunately fenced off in such a wide area that I had to bury ever dream of crowning this little adventure by gifting that side as well for this night.
I think this task could best be fulfilled from one of the many sea going yachts that can easily be hired for sports fishing tours etc..

At last: A mountain hike

For some time I've been in contact with Cristo Louw from the UFO research group Saufor. He had told me that the area known as "Old Silvermine Reserve" has been reported in many UFO Experiences as a place of peculiarly intense activity, very well worth treating.
So I thought: "Why not spend the few hours before my flight goes back to Jo'burg on a nice mountain stroll".
Off I went, paid 10 Rand entry fee (nature is surely not for free in Cape Town) and drove up to the silvermine water reservoir through the silvermine river valley, not without throwing the usual gifts out of the car window approximately every 250m (They're all green so they don't spoil the landscape)

beautiful lake and hills
Silent mountain lake, you beauty! The sending mast is not visible in the picture but is situated on the dark mountain top in the back.

I left two of my special water gifts there and behold, a giant transmission tower on the peak in the distance caught my attention. Woopsi! Would I have a chance to make it up there in the short period of time remaining until my flight back to Jo'burg?
Well, I can try at least I thought.
So I trotted off in the general direction.
t was a gorgeous day and everything smelled of some very aromatic herbs.
It was about 9.30 am and the flight was scheduled for 3 pm.

View over the Cape Flats
The view over the Cape Flats war fantastic, it was difficult to distinguish between fogbanks and the sea.

hut on mountantop
Further up I passed by a hut, dramatically perched on a mountain top. Who would not want to spend a week there in meditation, provided someone else carried up all the food provisions...

the cave at the end of the path
The path led to a cave that showed some surprising green fern growth in the interior.

the cave
Somewhat unreal, the whole thing. I left 2 orgonite gifts, in case I wouldn't make it up to the top anyways.

view from inside the cave
View out of the cave

At the cave I should have turned around if I wanted to be sure to catch my plane. But now my ambition was fully enflamed now and I thought, well until 11 I can still continue going up.

HAARP tower

approaching the HAARP tower
and closer

Almost a the tower
almost there

at the DOR emmiting tower
and arrived! (Please note the small globe in the background: weather radar, a source of DOR- par Excellence)

When I was finally up there and had laid out my gifts around the base of the tower, it was almost 12.
I tried to call Friederike and ask her to try and reschedule my flight, but in the middle of the sentence the battery of my cell phone went flat.
I started running downhill, taking a major short cut by galloping straight down the steep slope, cursing and yelling through the thick knee high shrubs. I did indeed make it back to the car within 45 minutes and was at my friends' apartment in Fish Hoek where I stayed at 12.45. No I only had to get the bed linnen from the laundry, make the bed, clean kitchen surfaces, wash hand basin, bath and toilet, stuff everything in my big bag, put a new T-shirt over my soaking wet body and off to the Airport. And almost forgot to leave the key with the caretaker.
At 14.35 I was indeed at the check in counter of Kulula Air and they would even still have taken me, had I not needed to dump the rental car first.
Luckily there was no problem and they booked me on the next flight an hour later without any extra charges..
On the whole flight I observed a low foggy cloud cover with a clearly defined upper limit. A lot of moisture was already there.

Map showing the outcome of the orgonite gifting trip
Blue Dots indicate orgonite gifts. Flags are Cloudbusters


If the effort was worth it we will only see in the next days and weeks. Apart from the many sylphs, dramatic confirmations in the form of downpours did not occur. I think this was just a Beginning. The western part of the country had so far benefitted the least from our efforts.
Consequently the drought could be almost completely stopped and even partly reversed in the Eastern parts of the country but the western part, especially the atlantic coast was still suffering below average rain falls. This is where our emphasis will have to be in the next few months in order to let drought not even start to develop in the next planting season.
We are therefore planning to finally pull off our long planned trip to namibia and the Northern Cape that was postponed last year for lack of funding.
For this trip we will need at least 5 cloud-buster sponsorships.

Addendum 04 June 2004

In the meantime rain clouds have formed over the Cape Peninsula as shown in the radar weather map below:

The yellow an red areas show the highest cloud density and are most likely the spots where it has already started to drizzle.
The weather forecasts predict solid 100% rain for at least the next 3 days, starting tonight for Cape Town, Paarl and Hermanus.

___________________________________________________________________________ (317)|Cape Town |Temp |Wind Speed | |Min |Max |Direc. km/h ___________________________________________________________________________ Fri |Partly cloudy, rain likely overnight (60%). | | |NW 30km/h, 40 04th | Cape Flats: | | |in S reaching |High Tide: --:-- 16:21 Low: --:-- 22:27 | | |55 tonight |Sunrise: --:-- Sunset: 17:43 | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sat |Cloudy, intermittent rain (100%). |14 |16 |NW 40km/h but 05th | Cape Flats: |14 |16 |50 at C. Point |High Tide: 04:35 17:11 Low: 10:55 23:22 | | | |Sunrise: 07:44 Sunset: 17:43 | | | |UV Sunburn factor Low | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sun |Cloudy with general rain (100%). |13 |15 |NW 30km/h but 06th | Cape Flats: |12 |15 |40 at C. Point |High Tide: 05:28 18:04 Low: 11:46 --:-- | | | |Sunrise: 07:45 Sunset: 17:43 | | | |UV Sunburn factor Low | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Mon |Cloudy, general rain (100%). |12 |14 |SW 30km/h but 07th | Cape Flats: |11 |15 |40 at C. Point |High Tide: 06:24 19:02 Low: 00:21 12:40 | | | |Sunrise: 07:45 Sunset: 17:43 | | | |UV Sunburn factor Low | | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________________________ (951)|Paarl |Temp |Wind Speed | |Min |Max |Direc. km/h ___________________________________________________________________________ Fri |Partly cloudy, rain likely overnight (60%). | | |NW 30km/h 04th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sat |Cloudy, intermittent rain (100%). |13 |15 |NW 30km/h 05th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sun |Cloudy with general rain (100%). |12 |15 |NW 25km/h 06th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Mon |Cloudy, general rain (100%). |11 |14 |SW 25km/h 07th | | | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________________________ (318)|Langebaan |Temp |Wind Speed | |Min |Max |Direc. km/h ___________________________________________________________________________ Fri |Partly cloudy, cloudy overnight, no rain. | | |NW 30km/h 04th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sat |Cloudy, intermittent rain (100%). |14 |16 |NW 35km/h 05th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Sun |Cloudy with general rain (100%). |12 |15 |NW 30km/h 06th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Mon |Cloudy, general rain (100%). |12 |15 |SW 30km/h 07th | | | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ___________________________________________________________________________ (319)|Hermanus |Temp |Wind Speed | |Min |Max |Direc. km/h ___________________________________________________________________________ Fri |Partly cloudy, cloudy overnight, no rain. | | |NW 40km/h bec. 04th | | | | 50 in places ___________________________________________________________________________ Sat |Cloudy, occassional rain (100%). |14 |18 |NW 40km/h, 50 05th | | | | in places ___________________________________________________________________________ Sun |Cloudy with general rain (100%). |12 |14 |W 30km/h 06th | | | | ___________________________________________________________________________ Mon |Cloudy, general rain (100%). |12 |14 |SW 40km/h 07th | | | | --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forecaster : Carlton
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