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Orgonite Instructions for use

As orgonite and our specific offerings get noticed by a broader and broader audience, I get more and more questions regarding "instructions for use" or which particular orgone generator is the best for a specific purpose.

These questions are not always easy to answer.

Essentially all orgonite tools do the same thing: They convert stagnant negative life force or DOR (Deadly Orgone eneRgy) into positive life affirming POR (Positive Orgone Energy)

POR is the state of the intelligent consciousness matrix (also known as ether) where the self healing, self organising powers of life are flowing unhindered.

The best way to understand the reason of being for the specific tools that have developed in the worldwide orgonite movement is to follow the historical tree of their evolution. You will also understand that there is no right or wrong way to use orgonite.

A rough edged towerbuster like the Dirty Harry could be used like an orgone pendant if worn around the neck, only that would be ugly and heavy and you would scratch your skin.

Having a Powerwand running in one customer's room brought his cancer into remission although that's not really what I would call the main application of the PW. (That would be energy sending, manifestation, etheric protection)

Simple towerbusters have been used to bust towers (enliven the dark cloud of stagnant energy caused by the hard microwave radiation) but also to lift and free the trapped spirits in battle fields, nazi concentration camps and other places of human suffering. One guy that I gave a simple Dirty Harry and who mostly carried it around in his pocket, told me it had changed his whole life.

On the other hand you could take the most beautiful SBB, designed for personal healing, and use it to neutralise a cellphone tower if you have nothing else. It will work!

So let's start with the history. I'm not going to start with Wilhelm Reich and his pioneering research because I've written about that already .

Let's limit this to the history of orgonite devices the way we make them today:

Episode 1:The Don Croft style orgonite cloudbuster

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