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Orgonite: The 8th world wonder!

Since 2002 we have been distributing Orgonite healing tools over many countries in Africa in order to improve the orgone energy field in the environment, thus virtually stopping droughts and restoring natural rainfall patterns, abundance and vitality to large parts of the beautiful African continent. Orgone energy is not a new invention but the name given by the late psychoanalyst and scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich to the omnipresent life force. This etheric force  is also known as prana, chi or ether to different ancient traditions. With orgonite we have a universal and very potent healing tool that can help us reverse the negative influences of aggressive human technologies on the environment.

orgonite  cloud buster bringing vortex alive

Energy vortex coming alive after we placed orgonite cloud buster near Ficksburg, Free State, South Africa

Does Orgonite really work?

There are many ways to demonstrate the efficacy of orgonite. We have undertaken countless orgonite gifting expeditions on the African continent and photographically documented often dramatic changes, visible cloud changes, the dissolution of chemtrails, weather changes, the stopping of droughts. We consider the sum total of our orgonite gifting work as a body of evidence.

Other observations include increased plant growth on farms and in gardens of orgonite users.

have shown that orgonite prompts the growth of abundant healthy biomass which could make it an important part of the solution to our current worldwide food problems.

Become Part of this!

What is even more exciting: You can start your own orgone revolution! Begin with your own home and expand this circle of positive energies ever farther!

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