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Orgone is Free Energy

Orgone energy is obviously closely related to the new understanding of physics, the renaissance of the ether, zero point energy, quantum fluctuation, torsion fields and so on.

Who would be surprised to hear that Dr. Wilhelm Reich who coined the term orgone energy already had a proof of concept orgone motor permanently running on the back hat rest of his sedan car?

While we have been more interested in the environmental and personal healing effects of orgone energy, it is obvious that the re-discovery of free energy technology and the discovery of orgone are part of the same ground-breaking paradigm shift.

Orgone Energy Healing with Orgonite

Presentation given at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) conference at Hilversum, Netherlands, November 2012

For the exciting presentations of the other speakers at this extraordinary conference, please visit the Global BEM Voices website and the Global BEM info page.




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