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"The cure for all diseases"

Was the name of micreobiologist Dr. Hulda Clark's 1st book in which she introduced zapping as a means to rid the body of parasites, virii, harmful bacteria and much more. According to her findings, zapping can dissolve cancer cells as well. 

The average American carries 1 pound or 0.5 kg of parasites, a problem which orthodox medicine is not paying much attention to. Accordong to Dr. Clark, parasites are the central problem!   

I cannot imagine life without an orgone zapper

For me the orgone zapper is an article of daily hygiene and health maintenance, apart from it's potential benefits in dread diseases. The finely tuned subtle energy components that differentiate the Orgone Zapper from ordinary (electrical only) Clark Zappers are strengthening the bioenergetic field of your body. 

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