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Orgonite and Crystals - a Clarification

By Georg Ritschl  •   5 minute read

Is this really orgonite? What is the definitgion of orgonite? What role do crystals play in orgonite?

Many people who are new to orgonite think it's all about the crystals. 

No, it's not.

The simple historical truth is that Karl Welz, who invented orgonite and even trademarked the name for the US, did not use any crystals at all in his first orgonite.
His orgonite was just a mixture of metal filings and resin. Simple and effective. 

So let's get that absolutely clear:

Orgonite is defined as metal filings with resin. Everything else is additional and optional. 

The resin (polyester, epoxy or modified tree resin) is the organic compound that absorbs orgone (life energy). The metal quickly attracts and then rebounces the orgone. That way, by having lots of alternating layers, stagnant orgone (also known as DOR or Deadly ORgone) is being accelerated and thereby enlivened, made to flow again. 
DOR kills life, POR (Positive ORgone) makes life flourish. 
This is the basic process. Orgonite thrives on bad energy. In a neutral or positive place it's fairly inert. It does not have a strong energy of it's own, that's also not it's real purpose. 

How does orgonite interact with EMF?

The hard electromagnetic radiation such as microwave from cellphone towers hammers the ether into a stagnant state that's the cloud of DOR we can sense around an untreated cellphone tower. In fact the field is like a torus around the source and sensitives see it as dark grey. This is the actual sickening factor that makes plants wilt and people and animals get sick.
Once a small piece of orgonite such as a simple towerbuster such as the famous "Dirty Harry"  is introduced into that field, the whole energy changes very quickly. Sensitives see the toroidal field now taking on vivid rainbow-like colours. We mere mortals will most likely "only" see dramatic cloud changes: An amorphous, soupy, 2-dimensional looking sky will start forming into articulate well defined cumulus clouds, often forming into a ring around an open piece of sky, a blue hole. This is indicating a strong energy vortex. 
Still not a single crystal is needed to achieve this powerful transformation. Please keep that in mind!
The orgonite does not "take the radiation away". The signal is still there, but the quality of the ether has changed fundamentally. This is not working within the explanatory framework of conventional school physic. Don't even try!
It is however totally real and repeatable. And the effects on all living beings are profound on a vital and even consciousness level.

So where do the crystals come in?

It was actually Don Croft who took Karl Welz's invention and combined it with Wilhelm Reich's Cloudbuster, introducing quartz crystals into the equation. 
Wilhelm Reich's original CBs were of course not orgonite devices at all. They were an array of parallel pipes mounted on a swivel turret, used to sweep the sky in slow movements to draw out the DOR. This DOR had to be grounded into a water body, preferably flowing water. (That's where the continuous but unfounded demand for the grounding of orgonite cloudbusters comes from) 
Reich had no means to actually convert DOR to POR, so his technique was all about creating a flow. It needed a skilled operator to avoid injury or disease caused by the high concentrations of DOR that could occur near the CB.
Don immediately grasped the potential of Karl Welz's invention and combined the parallel tubes with a massive base of orgonite. (a bucket full) He introduced double tipped quartz cryatals in order to amplify the transmission of energy from the tubes into the orgonite base and also to increase the coherence of the energetic vibration. The Don Croft Cloudbuster could be left unattended and would constantly draw in DOR and send it back as POR. 
From then on the whole school of orgonite warriors inspired by Don's work and personal example used quartz crystals in the orgonite. 
His next invention was the HHG, which he made in a conical form with 5 single tipped crystals, one pointing into the top and 4 in a cross formation embedded in the orgonite bottom.
This was originally devised to neutralise cellphone towers. 
Don's highly energy sensitive wife Carol soon saw that this was more than enough for the purpose and as those cell phone towers became more and more, the emerging activity of gifting cellphone towers called for a simpler and cheaper alternative. That was when the Towerbuster came into being. (still no fancy crystals, just quartz) 
So these are the 3 basic tools of the classical Don Croft arsenal.
Carol came up with the first pendant, her "etheric harmonizer" and others  invented the earth pipe, seeing a need to get the orgone charge into the earth in order to heal the rotten energy of many water courses. 
So you can see how this branched out into an ever more differentiated tree.
It would take to long to list all the different application that came from the 3 basic ones of course.
So somewhere down the line, I would say about year 2 of the world wide orgonite movement a couple named the Hootens introduced the first gemstones into orgonite. This was then for a long time called Hootenized orgonite. 
It was found that the traditionally known subtle healing benefits attributed to different stones were being amplified when even small traces of such stones were placed into the orgonite mix. 

Like in the modulation of radio waves, the information of added subtle energy ingredients is grafted upon the raw orgone energy


It is as if the orgonite broadcasts the frequency or information of these ingredients in an amplified way. 
So that's where this varity of different mixes comes from and also has it's justification. 
Most gemstone additions with the exception of a few, like shungite, pyrite, black tourmaline, hematite, magnetite and few other metallic crystals, do not make the orgonite "stronger" (i.e. enhance it's capacity to turne DOR to POR) but work on a more subtle information level. 
You could say they change the colouring.
I like to use the analogy of a radio station. Let's say you operate a private radio station and you have an antenna with 10KW sending power, that's your power, regardless of what you're sending. 
Now you can modulate music onto that, using either frequency or amplitude modulation. It can be screeching death metal, classic, jazz or melodious folk songs or you can have narrated stories, documentaries or news. That's the information level. 
While information is powerful and has consequences, it does not change the strength of your broadcasting equipment. 

I hope this has made things a bit clearer for you. 

Fact is that after looking at the orgonite and reading a bit about them, your intuition is the best guide as to what to take. The good thing is you can't really make a mistake. all orgonite has the same basic property of turning DOR to POR. Since we have lot's of rejetcts that are slightly blemished, we use all kinds of orgonites for gifting cell phone towers and it always works. No matter it it's a pyramid with a damaged corner, a dodec that came out somehow ugly or whatever. The basic function  is always there. 

Now find your's. Perhaps read these basic recommendations if you're still not sure how to start:

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