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Orgonite against Tyranny

By Georg Ritschl  •   4 minute read

Orgonite against Tyranny

being myself one of the "early adopters" of orgonite, I sometimes feel a little bit like a dinosaur among the newer kids on the block. A lot has happened since Don Croft took the pioneering step of combining Wilhelm Reich's classical cloudbuster concept with Karl Welz's new invention of "Orgonite".

Wilhelm Reich with collaborators operating one of his cloudbusters - Wilhelm Reich did not invent orgonite as some erroneously claim. He coined the term Orgone Energy for the all encompassing life energy or ether and researched many aspects of this energy systematically.

One of Don Croft's first Orgonite Cloudbusters and one of the first HHGs

This was now about 20 years ago and this first orgonite cloudbuster was not meant to look pretty, it was not even meant to dissolve chemtrails. (that application was discovered soon after) Don used it to blast the snot out of the corrupt politicians in his hometown at the time. The famous "Holy Handgrenade" or - as we now often call it - the HHG was the next invention.

The HHG - a compact powerful Orgone Generaor


Initially the HHG was used for neutralising Cellphone Towers or rather for turning them from death ray emitters into positive orgone generators.

I can very well remember my first "gifting sortie" when I dug in my first HHG near to a cellphone tower in our neighbourhood: My heart was pounding so paranoid was I..

As the cellphone towers became more and more and the scale of the problem of their weaponised use in weather modification and mind control (brain entrainment) became more and more apparent, a new tool was developed to allow for more economical gifting:

The orgonite Towerbuster!

Humble but effective: The Orgonite Towerbuster "Dirty Harry"

A lot of these discoveries were made in a collective process, at the time centered around the "Stuart Forum" on Yahoo groups. Other tools were added later but clearly the gifting application for countering the murderous New World Order agenda absolutely dominated the discussions of the early years.
Very early on Don had also come up with his original orgone zapper, the Terminator, combining Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper with orgone technology. (He graciously allowed us to copy his original technology)     
That's why we've been talking about "etheric warriors" rather than healers so often. 
The healing aspect was of course obvious from the beginning but was only explored in depth much later, when members of the loose network that was inspired by Don's work started adding coils and gemstones to orgonite in order to enhance the healing properties for personal applications.
Carol Croft pioneered the first Orgonite Pendant with her powerful Etheric Harmonizer. Personal healing was seen rather as a necessary protection for the Etheric Warriors than an end in itself. 

For essential gifting you need only 4 tools:

  1. The Orgonite Towerbuster for neutralising cellphone towers and other sources of negative energy. There are several variants of the TB with various enhancements but basically you can do everything with a very simple and crude TB like the "Dirty Harry".  
  2. The HHG as a powerful orgone generator for in the house or for neutralising particularly nasty large cellphone tower arrays or HAARP installations. Orgonite Pyramids are a variant of the HHG whereby the power of the pyramid shape adds to the strength of the design.   
  3. The Earth pipe for neutralising negative energy lines and secret underground installations 
  4. The Cloudbuster for energising large areas by drawing in negative energy (DOR) from the sky and converting it back into positive Orgone (POR). This has the power to dissolve chemtrails (by strengthening the atmosphere's self healing capacity) and end droughts in areas by NWO weather modification technologies like HAARP. The CB should always be supported by gifting of all cellphone towers in a wide area around it. I am talking +/- 100km for full effect.  

I feel that the importance of gifting can not be emphasised enough because the current orgonite scene is drifting too much into a new-age-feelgood direction, obscuring the original transformative angle more and more. Of course personal healing is important, but ultimately we can only heal ourselves by healing our environment as well.

We promote a lifestyle of taking responsibility

  • for yourself
  • for your health
  • for your neighbourhood 
  • for the region where you live
  • and ultimately for our planet

While this may sound like a big task and intimidate some, I can assure you it's fun!
The universe has a way of rewarding us with intense joy and satisfaction when we see the dark clouds lifting and beautiful sylph formations greeting us from an energised sky. Even more so when we see and feel the rain coming down after a long drought.  

You can start getting an idea of this passionate quest by reading our expedition reports.

On gifting tour in Uganda with Dr. Kayiwa and Don Croft 2003
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