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Peak Mordor - The tipping point

By Friederike Ritschl  •   2 minute read

peak mordor - the tipping point

Watch the historical parallels:

The persectuction of heretics was worst right before the total hold of the medieval catholic church over European humankind  gave way to the dawn of the new era of what was then later called the Renaissance. (re-birth) 

I believe we are seeing the birth of a similar epochal change of paradigm:  From the presently dominating mechanistic atheist world view in which there is only dead and meaningless matter, to a more holistic view, in which there is an increasing understanding of Spirit, Mind and Body in their dymnamic interaction. 

Just one more push: Watch the amazing "tipping point" episode of the equally amazing afterskool series here. It's fun!

To us it's been like a great educational movie. Of course with all the emotional ups and downs that come with a great movie. 
We thought we knew a bit about how the cabal operates, having studied it for over 20 years. 
But the last 2 years have shown and revealed so much about the depth of infiltration and how they have created a simulated public realm with distributed roles, where captured academia, the press, celebreties, public culture, politics are all synchronised to bring about the grand illusion, held together by blackmail, peer pressure, bribery and opportunism. Absolutely amazing, but more and more people see it now, because they are crossing so many red lines now.
Also we see so clearly the contradictory and anti-factual nature of their ever more hectic pronouncements. 

The old system is crumbling and it's main players are trying to keep it together. That's what's causing all the friction.
We will see more and more of the new paradigm evolving in the coming months and years:

  • Holistic health will replace most of the present Big Pharma based medical industry. We keep what is useful and make it even better.
  • We learn to take responsibility for our own life and health
  • We live in Liberty - our inalienable rights intact
  • We experience boundless prosperity as the natural result of liberty
  • Our science is based on real observation, not dogmatic materialism
  • We recover all the suppressed "free energy" inventions, ending the present stranglehold of perceived energy scarcity 

Feel free to add to this list. I know it's not complete. 
As the new year is now upon us, we should all hold this vision. The friction we are experiencing is just a temporary inconvenience on the road to freedom for humanity. It is needed to wake everyone up. 

You know of course that this waking up is greatly accelerated by living in a positive orgone field. You can create such liberating zones easily by starting to gift all the cell towers and 5g lamp-post antennas with towerbusters or (even more effective) 5g equalizers. A small orgonite piece like that, placed nearby these death ray emitters, turns them into positive energy generators.

Georg Ritschl


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