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The Web of Light

By Georg Ritschl  •   6 minute read

The Web of Light

many people are asking questions about orgone and orgonite like "how can I measure orgone energy", "how far is the radius of this or that device", "how can orgonite neutralise emf or dissolve chemtrails" and so on.

If you are trying to understand this by relying on school physics, it will not work. 

We need a different understanding of how the world works. 

Wilhelm Reich's Orgone physics

Dr. Wilhelm Reich, starting with his book "The Function of the Orgasm - The discovery of Orgone" tried to develop a coherent theory of the living energy that he called Orgone.

Orgone is basically the ether of old, the moving energy that everything else is made of. In Reich's understanding this energy is creative, it tends to condense and when it becomes very dense it can be perceived as matter.


In other words: Matter is dense orgone. It does not exist as an extra energy, separate from matter, electricity, gravity and so on.


All these known forces are aspects of the underlying ether/orgone dynamics.   


Mechanistic science has not been able to grasp this creative force and is only able to describe entropic processes. That means processes where something is destroyed in order to release energy. All or engineering is based on such processes. Like we burn hydrocarbons and create ash and CO2, we split the atom and create atoms of lesser complexity in order to release energy.  So, the entropic cosmos of mechanistic science is entirely pessimistic or even depressing.  


The entropic universe is like discharging a battery. When the battery is flat and finished, everything is cold and dead.

A horrible thought that already depressed me in the physics lessons in high school. 

A vision of a living cosmos entails entropy and disentropy, life and death, yin and yang, expansion and contraction. In a living universe "free energy" is possible by harnessing the ether. The ancient Indians believed that the universe was like a breathing lung, contracting and expanding over gigantic stretches of time. I like this idea much better than the totally ridiculous big bang where the universe allegedly exploded out of an infinitesimally small point of nothingness.

Scientists come up with such nonsense, because they alway tend to extrapolate current observations into infinity. So, because they see expansion in the present phase of the universe, they think it must always have been like this.    

Breathe in - Breathe out: cosmic pranayama 

Orgone energy was thought by Reich to move in spirals. he observed this principle on all levels of life: From the electrons that move round a nucleus, while that nucleus moves in space, the pulsing contraction and expansion of one celled organisms, the movement of planets around their start, which in turn moves in space in a spiralling galaxy and so on.

Physicists have long discovered that matter is essentially empty. They of course tend to "invent" ever new subatomic particles in order to explain their observations.

But nobody has ever seen any quarks or even atoms. These are all hypothetical assumptions, made in order to interpret the behaviour of matter and energy.

Think of the conundrum of the dual character of light. (quantum and wave)    

The Russian physicist and mathematician Kosyrev postulated a therory of torsion fields already in the 1920.

Essentially in this understanding an atom is an energy vortex.   

Reich's diagram of the spinning wave - "Kreiselwelle" from the book Ether, God & Devil / Cosmic Superimposition”

The living plasma and it's expression in life forms sketched by Wilhelm Reich 

In a Reichian Universe, matter can be limitlessly generated from energy and vice versa. A spinning ball of condensed orgone - like our planet - attracts more orgone and grows in size. Gravity, in this theory, is the "pressure" of the inflowing ether towards an already existing mass. I love this theory.    

No wonder I love Neil Adams's "Expanding Earth Theory". You need to click on the picture above to watch the video. 

Neil Adams's Expanding Earth theory fits seamlessly with this concept as does the "abiotic oil theory".

Abiotic Oil

According to the abiotic oil theory, mineral oil is continuously formed in the crust of the earth and seeping upwards through cracks and fissures.

The fact that oil was originally called mineral oil or petroleum, which of course  means stone oil, (petros = stone, oleum = oil) hints at such a predating knowledge. It was the Rockefeller family, whose fabulous wealth stemmed from the monopolisation of oil, who coined the idea of "fossil fuel" and thereby created the idea of scarcity of this resource. There is a direct line to today's "peak oil theory" and generally the climate scare scam which is promoted by exactly the same group of people.    

No dead dinosaurs, sunken forests or swamps - Just plain cosmic abundance

I wrote about this in an earlier blog post.    

But still, are we not trying to depict these natural forces in an uninspired, maybe not mechanistic but still essentially soul-less manner?

Even Reich, curious and groundbreaking as he was, had his limitations.

He was almost fanatically opposed to anything spiritual. Religion or mysticism were swear words for him. He believed that mysticism was a result of pent up, suppressed sexual energy, a concept that shows his intellectual descendance from Sigmund Freuds psychoanalysis. He was of course an early disciple and and assistant to Freud in the 1920s.    

What if the universe was even much more exciting and inspiring?

In his epic AVATAR movie, David Cameron depicts a world on a distant planet where a civilisation of very nature-connected people, the Navi, are under threat from our mechanical and violently greedy world. The Navi are tuned into the "web of light".  


This "Web of light" hints at an even more wonderful and mysterious nature of reality.

A universe formed by conscious energy

This is allowing for all the wonderful things so easily discarded by conventional science: 

  • Action at a distance
  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance
  • Alchemy
  • Homeopathy
  • Radionics
  • Manifestation through prayer or intention
  • God
  • The miracle of creation

The morphogenetic field

How is it possible that our bodies reproduce themselves over many decades, organising trillions of cells and countless free non attached organisms into a living structure that resembles itself in a recognisable way, even though no cell is ever older than 7 years?

Is it really the molecular structure of our DNA or is it not something much more miraculous?

Rupert Sheldrake called this invisible field that makes us keep our shape, but also allows a swarm of bees or a flock of birds to fly in amazing formations, directed by a field of consciousness the morphogenetic field.  

When we see the clouds changing after putting a simple blob of metal shavings, resin and some crystal near a cellphone tower, when we see chemtrails dissolve  after pointing a cloudbuster at them, we cannot but call this an alchemical process.

We have seen such miracles happen too often in order to deny it.

Please check our expedition reports for pictures and accounts of such miraculous happenings. 

The photo sequence below is from one of our early expeditions. It was taken in the city of George, which at that time only had about 10 cellphone towers. (in 2005) 

The sky changes shown below occurred within about 30 minutes while gifting these few towers. 

That's what we found before gifting: typical HAARPed chemtrail soup

 Orgone in action: You can see beautiful puffy cumulus clouds forming while the chemtrails are  dissolving

Result: No more chemtrails, only some fizzy remnants. Cumulus clouds are visible in the lower left corner of picture. Time elapsed in this series of images: approx 30 minutes!  


We need to open ourselves to a much wider understanding of reality.

The best physics is metaphysics

Mechanistic science works on a certain level, but like Russian dolls, it is contained in a wider, more holistic understanding, which again is contained in a spiritual understanding. 

Enjoy the miracle of planetary healing and start your own gifting journey with orgonite!

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