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What's wrong with Extinction Rebellion?

By Georg Ritschl  •   8 minute read

What's wrong with Extinction Rebellion?

What is wrong with Extinction Rebellion?

Don't we all want to save the planet and humankind and all the animals and plants? We do share that sentiment. But something is wrong with a movement that - coming out of nowhere - enjoys immediate support of all the elite institutions from WEF in Davos, European parliament, UN, you name it.. 

And then immediately we see the frantic push for new legislation that institutes more taxes, more control, more restrictions of free speech. Everything can be achieved on the basis of fear. It all fits too well into the agenda. A "climate denier" (someone who wishes fact check climate science) is now almost as bad as a "holocaust denier".

Soon after it all started we learned that the demonstrators get paid (When I was young we demonstrated for free against the US war in Vietnam and other subjects and we did not have printed t-shirts for sure) by the same fronts ultimately funded by the ubiquitous Soros foundations and NED (National Endowment for Democracy)

How come the "Extinction Rebels" can skip school, destroy property and commit all kind of misdemeanours without facing any legal consequences? At the same time the "yellow vests" in France who are truly fed up with globalist rule are facing the full force of the state: Death and heavy injuries and the same press that built a pedestal for Greta is mum about it.

Say about David Icke what you like, but he's great at coining strong phrases: His "problem - reaction - solution" or "totalitarian two step" have helped many people to recognise the patterns of emerging totalitarianism. He also coined the phrase "Astro Turf Movement" and what would better describe "Extinction Rebellion"?

Just like that famous plastic lawn, (no grassroots) these new synthetic social movements come clean out of the box. Ready with t-shirts, placards full media coverage. Professional video snippets and big social media campaigns. Real dissidents get banned on Youtube. Astro-turfers go fully viral from the word go. That's how you spot the difference. It's fully branded!   

And what about the science?

The science of CO2 causing global warming is complete BS. CO2 is good for us, it's good for the plants. Every greenhouse gardener in the Netherlands pumps CO2 into their greenhouse in order to enhance plant growth. Leaf cover of planet earth has actuually increased by 10-20% in recent years. So has Arctic ice cover. There are changes, but they have very ltlle to do with CO2.

I will not go into all the nitty gritties of dissident viewpoints on climate change. If you want a scientifically sound refutation of all the climate hype, listen to this man Piers Corbyn in a very entertaining discussion on a rather mainstream talk show: Other than most IPCC panelists, Corbyn is indeed a climate scientist. You can Google him and get more info ad of course he's not the only one.  

Let us make something very clear: Science is not a matter of majority decisions. It is either right or wrong. Or let's say it either describes the phenomena of observed reality with more or with less accuracy and allows us to make predictions accordingly. The academic circus is now heavily loaded towards endorsing fake climate science. Imagine you're a young meterologist wanting to build a career in that field:

If you write anything vagueley endorsing the man made climate change narrative there will be funding, advancement, invitations to speak and so on. If you're a "climate denialist" your life will be hard. That's why 72 year old Piers Corbyn can speak out (he's made his career) and 32 year old Phd graduate Jon Doe cannot. (he still wants to get somewhere) 

Or imagine you're a young biologist. Which paper will win you more favour and academic advancement: "The mating rituals of bullfrogs" or "The mating rituals of bullfrogs under consideration of man made climate change"? There you have it. That's how it works. And soon nobody dares to speak out because it becomes expensive to do so.That's how simple it is with the scientific consensus, especially in highly politicised topics like "climate change".

Do you know the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, "The emperor's new clothes"? It's all about deception and opportunism. The two swindlers pretend to make the most fabulous new clothes for the emperor. In reality the emperor is and remains naked but everybody feels compelled to admire the magnificent garments until a child finally says "But don't you see the emperor is naked?" Our Greta-child is unfortunately not the one who asks the embarrassing question. She is controlled by the swindlers. 

But why do they do it?

As usual when the self proclaimed "elite" is promoting an agenda, the reasons are manifold and there are many levels on which this can be contemplated. The most important ones seem to be Money, Social Control and Distraction. So let's look at the three:


Big oil loves the global warming narrative. (And so does big finance) That seems paradox to you? Why do you think so many Greenpeace executives have been gobbled up by big oil corporates? When Pierce Corbyn presented to some big shot oil executives they were quite impressed by his arguments but did not take the "get out of jail card" he offered them. Insstead they mumbled something like "let's not upset the eco lobby".

Big oil actually benefits massively from the environmental scare narrative: Not one gallon less is used, because alternative energies remain an ineffective fig leaf. But energy is made so much more precious by guilt. Taxation takes a large chunk of that guilt surcharge but it also allows big oil to sell its product way above cost.

And of course, if there is a glut of oil in the market, another oil producing country is quickly smashed against the wall to reduce supply. This is one of the reasons why Libya got taken out, Iran is seriously hampered and Venezuela is under attack. It's (among other agendas) about controlling oil supply to keep it sufficiently scarce.

Oil is of course also the foundation and central collateral of the post gold standard dollar system known as the petrodollar system. It's essentially a protection racket agreed between the US and the oil sheikhs. "You sell your oil only for our curreny which we can print for nothing and we protect you and give you all the weapons you want". Without this racket the dollar is worthless. 

That's the other reason why countries like Libya and Iran  got targeted: They do not want to play along and were both scheming to sell oil for other than US-dollar. Iran still does and defies the pressure, but we all know what happened to Libya's Gaddhafi..

Based on the same calamity of the fake money system approaching inevitable collapse, another scam was created: Carbon credits and the "green economy". Let's first talk about carbon credits: Like a modern form of indulgences, carbon credits are essentially polution rights or the rights to emit carbon.

Of course carbon is not really a pollutant but that's a minor detail and should not be allowed to ruin a great money making scheme. On top of these fictitious rights (the emperor's clothes again) a gigantic new bubble of derivatives (worth trillions) has already been constructed.

A word of truth about carbon and the whole house comes down. That's why you will see people being jailed for being climate deniers. They will murder for that... 


This is a big one and I have to start long before Greta's date of birth for that. In the 1960s Industrialisation reached a point where endless growth, prosperity and freedom of having to work hard for their sutenance seemed possible at least in the developed countries. Just look ate the imagery of that time's comics: Colonies on Mars - Space flight for everyone. 

The automobile had been the great liberator of the working class. With cheap fuel and a great network of roads, first the Americans and after WWII the West Europeans and many others were experiencing this exhilarating sense of freedom of being able to go wherever they wanted at the spur of a moment. Elites were thinking with fear of how to control the suddenly empowered masses.

That's when the Club of Rome published "The Limit's to Growth" in 1972. This was of course mandatory reading for us at high school and so we are all familiar with these ideas. And that's ewhen the fun stopped for the working and middle class. American auto workers peaked at 17$ / hour in the early 1970s, since then their real incomes have been steadily regressing. 

Do you see how this perspective of scarcity, dwindling resources, peak oil and generally the end of abundance has been a means of social control and engineering. Do not forget the scare meme of overpopulation, another all time favourite of the elite. It's all based on fake science. I will get to that in a moment.

Under the guise of saving the planet from imminent eco-collapse draconic measures of control are being pushed down the throat of an unsuspecting population softened up with fear and panic by the likes of Greta Thunberg and similar useful idiots (quote V.I. Lenin)
These people do not want a future: They want de-industrialisation, massive depopulation.


We have much bigger problems than CO2 (CO2 is not a problem) and that's what we are being distracted from: 

  • The increasingly oppressive rule by a self appointed global elite, controlling finance, health, production, military, food and basically everything
  • The poisoning of our food and attack on the integrity of our genome via GMO foodsAgenda 21 plans to reduce population to a "sustainable 500 Million". You and I are earmarked for extinction and nobody rebels. That's the irony. 
  • Weather manipulation via Chemtrails and electromagnetic manipulation (like HAARP)
  • Mind control and extreme manipulation of the public consciousness via electromagnetic brain entrainment, control of the media and orchestrated traumatic events like 9-11.
  • The rule of an occult elite, practising human sacrifice and other atrocities in order to achieve and maintain supremacy in the etheric realm.        

Why it's all wrong 

We live in an era of deferred development. Free energy is a reality. Cold fusion is entering Industrial application. There is no lack of resources. Oil is only needed for lubrication not as fuel. Metals can be recycled.  

We are being defrauded of a truly abundant future. The present population of this planet can be fed with intensive organic agriculture (permaculture) from the area of half the state of Texas. Limitless energy is available. CO2 is irrelevant. 

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