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Orgonite and 5g - how does it help?

By Georg Ritschl  •   5 minute read

"We must be quite clear about this: in the days when there were no electric currents, when there were no electric wires buzzing in the air, it was easier to be human." ... Rudolf Steiner


A lot of people are very worried about 5g. Connections between the ongoing pandemic and the rollout of 5g technology have been suggested. In the early days of this worldwide event, emergency doctors in New York City reported the strange similarity between acute SARS-Cov19 cases and radiation sickness.
These voices have been successfully stifled on most social media platforms but we still remember, don't we?
Dr. Cowan, M.D. from Canada pointed out the coincidence between major epidemic outbreaks and step-ups in electromagnetic radiation in history:

  • 1918: massive rollout of electrification around the world, first introduction of radiowaves world wide ==> Spanish Flu
  • WWII: Invention of radar - microwaves buzzing the atmosphere the first time in human history ==> major epidemics, aided by starvation
  • 1968: satellites start rounding the earth ==> outbreak of the "Hong Kong flu"   
  • 2019-2020: In the last 6 month a major quantum leap in the roll out of electromagnetic frequencies has happened. 20,000 new radiation emitting satellites blanketing the earth, Wuhan, the first city totally blanketed with 5g coverage is also the epicentre of the pandemic attributed to COVID-19 ==> "Coronavirus pandemic" or "Wuhan Flu" 

How does electromagnetic radiation affect us? 

  1. The direct effect of heating up tissue: We all know what a microwave oven does to our food. It cooks it. That's the direct heating effect which is strongly related to the measurable power in Watt/cm2. This is the only effect authorities take into consideration  and where  they derive their safety standards from. This is obviously dangerous when you are close to a high powered microwave antenna, but most likely not the main reason why people get sick.  
  2. Frequency resonance: We know from the research of Royal Rife and others, that every living organism has a specific resonance. Hitting such an organism with it's resonance frequency can kill or seriously damage it. Researchers have suggested that the  frequency of 60GHz which is employed in some 5g networks leads to blood clotting  
  3. DOR or stagnant life force: The concept of DOR or Deadly ORgone energy was formulated by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, the pioneer researcher into Orgone energy in the 1950s. When life energy is blocked from flowing it turns toxic and causes disease. Similar concepts are very familiar in Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) and many other ancient traditional healing systems.

We think that the 3rd aspect is what really makes us sick. The hard microwave radiation, similar to the Gamma radiation coming from nuclear power stations, hammers the living ether into stagnation. Clairvoyants can clearly see a black aura around any "untreated" cellphone tower, be it 3G, LTE or 5g. This aura can be half a kilometre in diametre and looks like a flattened melon, anthracite with gray veins. It is in fact a depiction of the torroidal field shape of every magnet. 

Once we introduce orgonite* into this field, everything changes: 
The visible field of the cellphone tower changes to a vibrant colourful mix of hues. The original blackness still emanates from the panels but stays confined to the immediate vicinity of the emitting panels. 

*Orgonite is the magical combination of resin, metal filings and quartz crystals. It turns negative stagnant energy (DOR) into lively Positive ORgone energy (POR) which is beneficial for life in all it's forms. 

Immediately we see enormous changes happening in the sky. When we initially found a soupy, hazy and unstructured cloud cover before this "gifting" of orgonite, suddenly the sky clears up, often a blue hole appears over the tower site and the clouds start taking on an articulated appearance, typically in the form of happy looking cumulus clouds. We have seen that so many times on our expeditions:    

Why is 5g more dangerous? 

5g is a whole bundle of technologies combined to create a ubiquitous field of extremely high bandwidth connectivity. It is not even a specific frequency and can emply frequencies above and below the previously used spectrum for various purposes. So don't get too hung up o the 60GHz (60 billion pulses per second) story! It's only one small aspect of it.
Basically it's a giant step up in the intensity and ubiquitousness of these fields.

The soup is getting thicker

Many people don't know this: higher frequencies are less penetrating than the lower ones. So in order to achieve the same availability inside closed spaces the energy has to be amped up or the distance between towers has to be reduced. That's why you see smaller antennas popping up in your neighbourhood. The 5g antennas are smaller (smaller antenna = smaller wavelength = higher frequency) 
In other words where previously 1 or 2 cellphone towers sufficed to provide enough signal for a small suburb, you may now suddenly find 20 small masts and antenna sites on higher houses.
Many people experience headaches, sleeplessness, high blood pressure and other complaints as a result.  

How to protect yourself with orgonite

Orgonite converts the stagnant energy field created by the hard microwave radiation into a lively positive orgone field. Placing an orgonite piece such as the Towerbuster Dirty Harry or even better the 5g equalizer next to the source of the radiation is the best way to achieve that.  We call this activity gifting.
It is important to go to the source, rather than just surrounding oneself with orgonite.
Of course you will want to start by having a few pieces around your house, but you should eventually gift all towers or rooftop antenna sites in your neighbourhood up to at least 5km from where you live.
You will feel the difference.
And of course, wear personal protection such as the Silver and Shungite Orgonite pendant.
We have worked out typical recommendations for a successful start of your life with orgonite:  

Orgonise your home: Beginner's guide to Orgonite

An new tool in our box: The 5g equalizer

In order to address the added intensity of the new 5g fields, we have recently created the 5g equalizer.
It is a towerbuster on steroids. So where you might have needed 2-3 ordinary TBs to neutralise a cellphone tower before, you can now get away with 1 5g equalizer. 
The main mineral ingredient next to the standard orgonite mix with quartz crystal is galenite, a heavy crystal of lead sulfate and about 2% of silver. Galenite is highly radiation absorbing. Remember the lead aprons the nurses or doctors wear when taking your x-ray?  
Further added minerals include Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Smokey Quartz, Malachite, Jet andIron oxide based crystals from Kuruman.
This makes it a very powerful radiation protector, not limited to the application against 5g. You can use this near your WIFI router or any other radiation source in the house. 



You should have a zapper

A large part of electro-hypersensitivity is your parasite load. 
The average person in the United States carries approximately 1 pound of living parasites according to the CDC.  
Electromagnetic radiation stimulates these little rascals to hyperactivity which literally gives electro- hypersensitive people a "crawling feeling under their skin". This feeing is actually correct!

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