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Is Freedom a dirty word now?

By Georg Ritschl  •   3 minute read

declaration of independence - freedom or tyranny

Americans used to celebrate the Fourth of July with an unquestioning positive attitude, an attitude they generally had towards their country.  

But now it has become as contested as everything else.

And it seems freedom itself has fallen into ill repute in some circles.
The enemies of freedom hold that it's injust, leading to inequality in outcome.
They dream of a perfect society in which crime and inequality is impossible. In their wet dreams this society is of course presided over by themselves as the "enlightened elders".  (In the older communist version it was called "the avantgarde of the proletariat")
The Divergent Series movies are dealing with this New Age vision of a perfect society, but also "Minority Report" and finally, without the utopian fluff, the dystopian "Hunger Games"... 

The battle is on for the future of humanity: Which way do we want to go?

The US Declaration of Independence from 04 July 1776

In a crazy twist of meaning, freedom lovers are now called "fascists" by some, when the true meaning of that word is actually the merger of state and corporate power.
And isn't that what we're seeing before our eyes?
Especially since March 2020, when the elites brought us the bio-security state with total censorship in public-private partnership, now predicably merging into the 3rd world war with austerity, de-industrialisation and depopulation. 
This is exactly what fascism means. Of course, what we have now is a new packaging, a new brand:
Instead of stormtroopers marching in lockstep, the enforces now come with with pink or green hair, demonstrative sexual explicitness (as long as you don't procreate, because that's now verboten) and the "you can be what you want" - madness of identity confusion.

In other words: extreme oppression dressed as total liberty.

But dare not challenge any of the tenets of this new religion:

You will be destroyed!

You can stick yourself to the street with super glue, or set your city on fire (if it suits the elites), but don't organise several peaceful demos against state  overreach or speak out competently but against the decreed truth on the topics of vaccinations, corona or alleged climate change or especially in the US: don't question the 2020 election. You will go to jail, face all kinds of harassment, be defunded, disbarred and your professional reputation, acquired over decades, will be dragged through the mud.  

The promise of freedom from 4 July 1776 lead to America becoming a haven and a magnet for hundreds of millions of oppressed people from all over the world. Even today, when there is little left of the American Dream, millions of people are still pushing over the open Southern border of the US, attracted by the mere afterglow of that dream.  
It created the greatest surge of prosperity and ingenuity ever seen on this planet. Is this not evidence enough? 

Sure, it's never been perfect, but better than anything else we ever experienced as humanity.

I believe in the self organising creative force rather than the vision of an elite, striving for a perfect society. Freedom involves the possibility of making mistakes and living with the consequences. It sets free the energies of all people to create the best possible world for themselves and others, because freedom is based on voluntary exchange of goods, services and ideas for mutual benefit. Free humans are actually quite benevolent and constructive. They like to see others thrive because they are not driven by fear and envy. 

This creative force is actually an expression of what we call orgone. It creates order and beauty without coercion. By gifting our environment with orgonite we actually create the conditions for freedom to soar, apart from neutralising the "clear and present danger" of disease inducing, brain fogging weaponised electromagnetic radiation. 

Let's celebrate freedom today!

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