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In the Summertime

By Georg Ritschl  •   4 minute read

Climate hysteria going over board now

I am old enough to remember the summer hit by Mungo Jerry. I was in primary school then. It must have been around 1970 or so. 

Reminiscence of an innocent age, when hot summer weather could be enjoyed without second thoughts

Click on the pic to watch the original video: It's hilarious!

So, I hope you are also enjoying your summer holidays, wherever you are and don't buy into the orchestrated climate panic. 


In South Africa we are enjoying a wet and cold winter. Monday 10 July we even had snow.  

This is our house, in the background the Orgonise Africa workshop. Photo taken this Monday - no global warming here as far as I can see


The whole story of climate change does not fly, especially the "global warming" part of it.

The first half of 2023 was the coldest and wettest in the northern hemisphere in 100 years.
The summer so far is not even average. 
The southern hemisphere is experiencing one of the coldest winters in decades, it is snowing in South Africa, the ice shelf in Antarctica is at record levels and the polar bears in the North are doing just fine. 
Also the number of deaths due to extreme weather conditions has been falling for decades. 90% of such deaths occur due to freezing in cold conditions btw., not heat. 

But after the CONVID hoax fizzled out without achieving the desired results, (Digital "health passes and permanent mandatory injections with bio - warfare substances for all people) the climate change narrative seems to be their (the satanic pedo-elites') last hope  for establishing their permanent rule over us. 

However, I cannot fully suppress a naughty suspicion: Perhaps, just like they labelled Motorcycle accidents as CONVID deaths when they tested "positive" in the meaningless PCR test, they probably  now label all these sudden deaths from the Varxinations as heatwave victims.

How practical: Two birds with one stone!

Weather reports once and now - can you see the manipulation? 


Because the climate panic narrative is so important for their agenda, they're just bending the facts to their will. 

The maps in weather reports are now shown in "burning" colours even when temperatures  are totally normal.

And then, when the heat waves really do not want to materialise, temperatures are suddenly measured above ground over heated surfaces so they can say "48 degrees and rising..."

If you've ever walked bare foot over asphalt in summer, you know how hot that gets. 

It's insane!

Why are farmers pumping CO2 into their greenhouses? Because it makes them grow giant veggies!


If you ever wondered how the cabal could pull this off: Money is part of the answer, but of course it is more. Peer pressure and the fact that a dissenting scientist find all doors locked in his career, funds drying up and nobody wanting to publish his papers is another factor.

The infiltration is deep and pervasive. 

But what makes many people accept the hoax, apart from the relentless propaganda, is the fact we are subjected to an onslaught of DOR producing technology, making us feel opressed and miserable as a real heat wave would. 

You won't believe how a vigorous and decisive gifting campaign will lift that veil of darkness. 

So to sum up the good news:

  • there is no climate emergency
  • CO2 is good for the planet, we need more of it, not less
  • You can enjoy your vroom - vroom - vroom without guilt: combustion engines are plant growth stimulators
  • However, environmental modification technologies are real and are being used on us, but orgonite disables most of them for very little money

In other words: Enjoy your holidays!

And then, when you come home, let's tell the clowns in no uncertain terms that their "service" is no longer required. 

And of course, the orgonite gifting will remove all the unpleasantness resulting from their HAARP warfare and chemtrail spraying. 


Discount announcement

While you're relaxing at the beach or hiking in the mountains, business has to go on for us...

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25% for you right now for 1 week and then it will diminish by 1% per day until it's over..

The coupon code is Summertime and it's for all customer groups including resellers!

If' you're away and want to take advantage of this, you can ask us to put your order on hold and send it only when you're back. 


Enjoy your holidays!


Georg and the Orgonise Africa team

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